4 Underrated Young Stars: Who Would You Like to See on the Cover of ISW?

  • July 10, 2017

Year after year, young and fresh new artists are making it to the world of showbiz. Most of them are getting instant fame for being the children of veteran and established stars, while others are starting from scratch and kicking off their careers through reality shows and competitions. Being in the public eye takes a lot of pressure, especially for those neophytes who are part of prominent showbiz families. These aspiring superstars are willing to face all the challenges in showbiz just to achieve their ultimate goal—to make their own mark in the industry.

We have listed down four underrated young stars who capture our attention. We don’t regularly see them on television, but we know that once they hit the stage, they will surely leave you in awe.

Who among these stars would you like to see next on the cover of Inside Showbiz Weekly? 

Iñigo Pascual 

I want to thank @flipears for my “TIWALA” Personalized In-Ear Monitors! Makes performing easier and more fun!

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Maris Racal

You are the one who makes me happy 😊

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Claudia Barretto 

#STAY MV out now. Link on my bio 🦋

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Donny Pangilinan

Greater things have yet to come

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Who would you like to see on the cover of ISW?