Who Among the Hashtags Members Fascinates You the Most?

  • July 31, 2017

One of the most popular local boy groups Hashtags has really come a long way! Composed of individually talented young members, the all-male group has been excelling in the realm of showbiz since they started in the noontime show It’s Showtime in November 2015.

Hashtags pioneer members Zeus Collins, McCoy De Leon, Jimboy Martin, Nikko Natividad, Ronnie Alonte, Tom Doromal, Ryle Santiago, Luke Conde, Jameson Blake, Jon Lucas, and Paulo Angeles have their own growing careers, but they remain loyal and they always make time to attend to the group’s commitments regardless of how ridiculously hectic their schedules are.

In May this year, Hashtags Journal was released and tops National Bookstore’s bestsellers list for non-fiction for the month of July. This is, indeed, another milestone for Hashtags apart from their successful performances on TV and mall shows.


Hashtags Journal contains how the group started, the unbreakable friendship and brotherhood they have built over the years, as well as their future goals. The book also includes personal advice from the members for the readers on how to improve and nurture their skills and talents.

Go get yourself a copy of Hashtags Journal for only 185 at any National Bookstore branch!

Who Among the Hashtags Members Fascinates You the Most?