Sue Ramirez Talks About Her First On-Screen Kiss

  • December 19, 2017

Kissing scenes have always been a big deal in the entertainment industry. Agreeing to one can mean that the actress is ready to plunge in mature roles and that she’s done with cutesy tweetums roles. Recently, Sue Ramirez had her first onscreen kiss on TV with her leading man Arjo Atayde for the daytime soap, Hanggang Saan

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Although it’s her first kissing scene, Sue said that there was no awkwardness. “Thankful ako kay Arjo dahil hindi niya ginawang mahirap for me. It’s my first ever onscreen kissing scene so I am thankful to him na walang awkwardness, very comfortable kami and alam namin na work talaga so hindi siya naging gano’n kahirap gawin,”

Sue also emphasized that the reason that there was no awkardness and the reason why her team up with Arjo Atayde works is because they’re good friends in real life. “Kailangan kasi siguro pag-umaarte maganda ‘yung working relationship niyo as partners and me and Arjo have very good working relationship. As in friends kami so madali na sa amin komonek sa isa’t isa sa mga eksena,” Sue shared.

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