Sabrina Is the Artist You Should Watch out For

  • December 20, 2017

Sabrina makes hay while sun shines; releases the 10th edition of her Acoustic series

Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart Sabrina is known all over Asia having sold certified platinum albums not only in the Philippines, but also in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and even Korea. She is the only Filipino artist who has charted great success in the release of her series of records billed “I Love Acoustic” through the years.

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To date, She has Millions of online streams and thousands of albums sold all over Asia, and the numbers are most likely to soar even higher as she launches a brand new edition, the “I Love Acoustic 10.2.” In this brand new outing, Sabrina renders life and emotion to the selection that boasts of the following songs: Despacito, Symphony, I’m The One, Super Far, That’s What I Like, Attention, Dive, Mama.

For the new album, Sabrina worked with her very first producer again after five years. She is so happy with the reunion. “He’s basically my mentor. I learned A LOT of things from when I was just beginning. So, working with him again was both nostalgic and refreshing!”

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Sabrina said it makes a lot of difference when you are working with someone who shares the same philosophy as you. “In making covers, Sir Sunny and I are one with the conviction to ‘own the song’ while we are at it. So every recording session was so inspired, filled with creativity and excitement.”

Sabrina has always been thankful for the victory of her acoustic series. “The love and support ‘I Love Acoustic’ gets from places I have never imagined to reach, make me witness firsthand the miracle that God can move mountains. I am blessed to have people listening to my songs, and to be able to touch people’s lives through my music. I am deeply humbled, and forever grateful,” Sabrina said.

The pretty singer has also just released an all-original album billed “SAB” where she sang most of the songs that she, herself, wrote. Sabrina has been writing since 2012 but it was only in 2016 when she allowed her music releases to be more “personal” and made the decision to share her once-upon-a-time private musings.

She said, “The songs in ‘SAB’ are songs I have written out of intense emotions. They were more like ‘private rants’ of mine that I just happen to make songs out of. I didn’t think they’d ever be released commercially while I was writing them. But it’s true what they say, there is a different kind of satisfaction when an artist publishes her own materials. I did it. My songs were about my own life, my feelings and my stories and my secrets.”

Sabrina didn’t set out to be a singer. One can say that fate led her to this career. “I just went with the flow, but gave my best in all opportunities that came my way. So I guess to all aspiring singers out there, I’d say be brave. Take a chance and believe in yourself. Grab the opportunities you’ll be presented with, and always always give your 200%! Most importantly, as you progress, NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF WHO YOU ARE because art is self-expression. If you lose yourself, your art will lose heart,” she said meaningfully.

And the artist is a lady in every sense of the word. She knows exactly how to take care of herself. “No matter how intense my schedule can get, you know, juggling my masters degree and singing, I make it a point to drop by the gym for at least one-hour to stay fit and healthy. She has wisened up pretty much. “What I do now is research the kind / type of clothes that suits me.
Summing up her career history, Sabrina simply keeps her feet firmly planted on the ground by giving credit where credit is due – her fans. “Without them, I am nothing. I always think that if you’re listening to my music, then you’re probably as chill as I am, so I salute you for handling life, and everything it throws at us, with grace and a smile on your face! Thank you so much for making my music part of your lives. You are and will always be my inspiration,” she ends.

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