Here’s How Richard Gutz Found out Sarah’s Pregnancy

  • September 19, 2017

On Monday, September 18, Sarah Lahbati revealed in an episode of It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez that she’s pregnant with her second child, and the whole showbiz industry is excited!

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Now 23, Sarah is expecting her second baby with fiancé Richard Gutierrez. Since the couple got engaged few months ago, rumors about the actress’ pregnancy has been circulating on social media, but they both chose to share the happy news when officially got a go signal from their doctor who’s monitoring the heartbeat of the baby.

Richard revealed in the show on the E! channel how he found out about the pregnancy of her soon-to-be-wife, “A few weeks ago I had a suspicion. I noticed Sarah becoming moody, eating, she’s always tired, she wants to rest all the time. So I noticed something different with her. I knew deep down, this is it, we’re gonna have another baby.”

“It’s a new chapter in our lives and it’s going to be a fun nine months. It’s exciting times for us,” Richard added.

Upon hearing the surprising news, Richard’s mom Annabelle Rama was quite alarmed because she knows that Sarah wants to continue her showbiz career. But the couple clarified that they are beyond grateful for the blessing and said that it’s about time to add a new member in their family.

Their first child Zion who turned 4 this year feels excited when he found out that he’s about to become a big brother, “We are so excited, you know Zion is 4 years old now, it’s the perfect time to have a second child, and enjoy the process again of having a baby. There’s a new Gutz coming into town, so I’m very excited. I feel very blessed.”

Richard and Sarah are two of the most admirable celebrity love birds in the biz, and they once again proved that it’s possible for public figures to build a strong family despite the negativities and criticisms around.

Congratulations, Sarah and Richard!

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