5 Reasons Why Nadine Lustre is The Hottest Millennial Star

  • June 29, 2017

When we talk about being hot, Nadine Lustre is one of, if not the first name that comes to mind. No matter what she wears and no matter the amount of skin she shows, she’s always oozing with sexiness.

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We list down five reasons why Nadine is today’s hottest millennial star.

She isn’t the ordinary “sexy”

She doesn’t need to show a lot of skin to make heads turn. But when she does, Nadine adds her own flame to it. Maybe she’s still exploring, but she knows her body and flaunts it with subtlety that’s why we just can’t help but admire her.


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Her confidence is off the charts

From the way she talks, acts and projects in front of the camera, and basically just how she shows her personality, she’s oozing with so much confidence. She carries herself in such a way that can inspire others as well to be proud of their own bodies.

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She’s fierce and feisty

With that charming smile and sweet glances, Nadz may look like a cute and sweet girl, and she is! But the best thing about her is she knows when to unleash her inner fierceness and aggressiveness. She gives zero crap about her haters, but when she claps back, bashers get burned. She doesn’t care about pleasing everyone, she cares more about protecting her loved ones from false claims and rumors.

She’s hella talented

Nadine is one of this generation’s most notable actresses, but that isn’t where her capabilities stop. The golden girl can dance, sing, host a noontime show, edit travel videos, take amazing photographs, put up her own businesses, conceptualize her own perfume’s campaign, and more! And there’s nothing sexier than a girl who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it.

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She is her own true self

Even though she’s probably got things running smoothly, everything she’s enjoying now is the blessings she received while she worked her way to the top. Nadine doesn’t let anybody or anything define her because she IS Nadine Lustre, effortlessly sexy and basically ~queen~ of everything.

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Let’s get one thing straight: everyone has their own kind of sexy. Many people will disagree on Nadine being hot and sexy, people will say she isn’t curvy or busty enough, but the thing is this: one’s standards on what sexy is doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone.

Nadine is most women’s kind of sexy today for she embodies power, sultriness, and class all in the same time. She may not embody society’s standards of being sexy but that makes her inspiring to young girls and women alike because she’s a reminder that you don’t have to have the biggest chest, or the perfect legs to be considered sexy. You don’t have to conform to anyone’s standards.

You can be sexy in your own right and in your own way, and you certainly don’t anyone to validate that.