Local showbiz is known for successfully establishing love teams and producing the most remarkable romantic movies of all time. There had been screen romances even during the first era of show business until today. Indeed, the industry never fails to inspire us with countless of heart fluttering stories portrayed by our favorite actors and actresses. Because […]

Star Magic Catalogue is an annual offering by the talent management, Star Magic, that serves to feature the agency’s brightest stars and upcoming talents. Every December, fans wait for the reveal of the catalogue photos taken by this generation’s most promising photographers. The catalogue aims to present Star Magic and the people that make up […]

There’s no denying that K-pop is slowly taking over the world. With their very catchy songs people can’t help but hum along to (and even sing along with how they think the Korean lyrics go), choreography that is really so complicated, well-rehearsed, and in-sync, their colorful music videos and of course their awesome visuals and […]

It’s that time of the year where people are excited to plan their holiday vacations. Even our favorite local celebrities have also started their countdown and started dreaming about taking a long break from their ridiculously hectic showbiz scheds. Some of them are planning to leave the country for some R&R, while are others prefer to just […]

In the world of showbiz, it’s inevitable for celebrities to dress up almost the same as one another. Many stars coincidentally own the same pair of shoes, designer bags, and even clothes, especially if they follow the current trend and the most latest fashion pieces. Related: Celebrities Pull Off The Sports Bra Trend We’ve noticed recently that […]

There’s no question that all eyes were on the male celebs as they fired up the stage of the much-talked about Bench Under the Stars fashion show on Saturday, November 18, at the Mall of Asia Arena. All of them rocked daring, small pieces of cotton as they tastefully flaunted their sizzling, muscular bodies on […]