POLL: Daniel Padilla – Paul Salas Basketball Feud: Which Team Are You On?

  • August 18, 2017

Showbiz enthusiasts are not just curious about the achievements and milestones of their idols, they are also nosy about their personal lives. Some fans are so into their idols to the point that they want to dig in and get involved with their fave celebs’ lives behind the camera. And One of the most common scenarios that people love to sensationalize is when a celebrity is having a fight with a fellow celebrity. Just like in the case of Daniel Padilla and Paul Salas who are currently the hot topics in the online community because of their recent war on Twitter.

Basketball is one of the things that men take seriously, that’s why Daniel lost it when Paul made fun of him about his favorite sport.

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Since both of them are public figures, their exchanges of Tweets were were sensationalized by many fans. Until today, the conflict hasn’t ended and seems like the two are planning to face each other in a serious basketball game.

Which team are you on?

Which team are you on?