No, Maine Mendoza and Jake Ejercito Aren’t Together

  • December 4, 2017

Everyone knows that Maine Mendoza was recently put in a bad light after her photo in a club went viral on social media. The young actress-host, just like any other millennials, had a typical night out with friends including Jake Ejercito. She went to an exclusive club where she partied the night away and even met different personalities from rival networks.

Last week, Jake uploaded a photo on his Instagram story of a girl covering her face at around 6:00AM in the morning. The girl was eventually identified by the netizens as Maine, which angered many AlDub fans. When the allegations that Maine went out with Jake all night circulated online, the netizens were unstoppable in bashing the actress, which made her write a 3-page open letter on her personal blog.

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While many of Maine and Alden’s fans were disappointed with the issue, some are happy to know that Maine is having a life and spending time with her chosen friends. But when people started to speculate that Maine and Jake are dating, Maine was quick to shut it down and said that they are just friends.

One fan recently asked her on Twitter about their real-score, which Maine immediately answered:

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