EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Lustre Shares Directing Plans

  • January 12, 2018

James Reid and Nadine Lustre are officially back in the scene. After keeping it low key the past year, only appearing in select shows and taking a pause from teleserye and movies, 2018 will be one of their busiest years to date. With a concert coming, a teleserye and a movie on the works, the on and off screen couple is ready to immense themselves in work and their passions again.

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Aside from getting busy with these upcoming projects, the two are also preparing to try new things this year. Last year, James Reid surprised everyone when he founded his own record label, Careless Music Manila, and wrote and produced his own album, Palm Dreams. 2017 was also a year of trying new things for perennially cool girl, Nadine. She announced and designed her own fragrance, Luster, and by the end of the year, co-directed James’ music video for The Life.

In an exclusive interview, Nadine Lustre told us what it was like to direct her first music video along with award-winning director Petersen Vargas. “Oh my, I loved working with Petersen! I first worked with him with MEGA Magazine. We became close and ang sarap makipag collaborate sakanya kasi ang dami niyang ideas and ako rin ang dami, and ang saya kasi yung ideas namin nagssync siya. Hindi ko lang siya co-director, he’s also my friend.”

When asked if she’s planning to direct more this year, Nadine responded with a resounding yes. As a start, she’s also set to help Director Paul Basilinio in directing their concert. “Yes I really plan to [pursue directing]. Especially this 2018, I’ll be directing more. Music videos for Careless, and we’re actually hoping for an online series, or something like that. But we’ll see!”

The online series bit obviously sparked our interest, so we asked more about it if ever she already has a concept for it. She says to James: “We already do, right?” to which James agreed. “Yes, we do. Meron na,” Nadine confirmed. James asked her: “Do you want to tell them?”

“Well it’s more of a horror/suspense,” James shared. “There was one time, James, me and Bret, we went to Caramoan, and then we had this crazy idea for an online series na horror. Basta imagine na lang it’s about island hopping na may horror element. Hanggang doon na lang muna!”

Dreams come thru

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Dreams come thru

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Now, James and Nadine just gave us another thing to look forward to this year!

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