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  • November 11, 2017

Make Way for Matteo

Heavy electric guitar riffs and loud smashes on the drums are blasting as Matteo Guidicelli lets out an overpowering “Hey Yo! Hey Yo!” in his new song entitled Hey. It is remarkably a new and edgier sound from the Filipino-Italian actor and singer. It is far from his previous tracks which are either ballads or pop singles. He maintains that his current sound is the most faithful to his personal taste and personality.

“This second album, it’s really me as an artist. This is my message, this is my feels, this is my vibe. Now, I really enjoy the music scene. I enjoy playing with the band. It’s not just about me. It’s about us. It’s about our sound. It’s about us jamming,” he tells Inside Showbiz Weekly about his upcoming Hey, Matteo album.

It took a little while before Matteo found the sound he is most comfortable in. “The first album wasn’t really me. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It was a blessing siyempre because it’s my first album, but it was more like an artista given album like ‘Hey, why don’t you sing? This is your sound. Go,’” he reveals about his self-titled debut album which has already reached Gold status.

Now, he is pretty sure of what he wants to dabble into in the music scene. “It’s not the millennial sound. It’s not the new sound. It’s a very ‘90s sound like Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit. I love the ‘90s. I love Simple Plan as well, they are very punk. Now, I started finding where I want to be and it’s not like a choice that I want to do that. It just led that way.”

ROCKING TO HIS OWN BEAT: There’s more to discover about Matteo Guidicelli (@mateoguidicelli) as he bares his true self through his new music. The 27-year-old actor-musician from Cebu gives more details about his sophomore album, his upcoming concerts, and the songs he dedicates to his lady love, Sarah Geronimo. 
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Photography by 
Miguel Abesamis (@miguelabesamis) 
of Studio 100 (@studio100_ph) 
Creative Direction by 
Rain Dagala (@rainierdagala)
Art Direction by 
Macky Arquilla (@mackyarquilla)
Sittings Editor 
Nic Magquilat (@nicmagquilat)
Makeup by 
Peps Silvestre (@pepssilvestre)
Styling by 
Bang Pineda (@bangpineda)
Assisted by 
Danilo De Castro Jr. (@danilodecastrojr) 
Words by 
Rosy Mina Video by Nix Villaruel (@nixvillaruel)

Special Thanks to
Star Magic (@starmagicphils)

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Photography by Miguel Abesamis of Studio 100 / Creative Direction by Rain Dagala / Art Direction by Macky Arquilla / Sittings Editor Nic Magquilat / Makeup by Peps Silvestre / Styling by Bang Pineda Assisted by Danilo De Castro Jr. / Words by Rosy Mina / Special Thanks to Star Magic

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