Maine Mendoza’s Hilarious IG Stories at a Family Event

  • June 20, 2017

Maine Mendoza is known for her exceptional skills of making people laugh. She’s naturally funny and can effortlessly make you burst into laughter by just being her quirky self.

On her Instagram account, Maine posted hilarious IG stories with her family. She started it with a funny snap showing her mom’s photo flashed behind her.

The funny video series continue with her mom, dad, and sister dancing while Maine is sitting on the side looking unimpressed with what’s happening around her.

There’s also a part where her parents kissed and she reacted like as if she’s grossed out by seeing them acting like teenage lovers.

Whether or not she’s on television, Maine never stops in making people laugh just by simply posting her personal whereabouts on social media. She truly has an unparalleled personality that makes her loved by many!