What If Love Teams Switch Partners?

  • July 4, 2017

You’re not a true-blooded showbiz enthusiast if you don’t have a favorite love team. Since the beginning of time, onscreen sweethearts have always been the source of inspiration of most Filipinos, and celebrity pairings have also been the most popular and most successful formula in local entertainment industry.

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Who doesn’t love an oozing onscreen chemistry? It’s a good escape to watch our fave love teams in a romantic movie or TV series, most especially the tandem that we’ve been rooting for since day one. The pair that we are obsessed about and has already become part of our lives. But what if your faves decide to part ways for a while and get teamed up with other actors or actresses?

Love Teams

There could be a possibility for your favorite love team to work with different partners, and if that happens, to whom would you like them to be paired? Which actor or actress do you trust enough to take care of your fave star?

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