5 Things We Love About Sue Ramirez

  • July 21, 2017

The stunning Sue Ramirez just turned 21 yesterday! It’s been six years since she played Nicole Matias of Mula sa Puso and we just can’t stop loving her!

Here are five reasons why we can’t get enough of her:

She’s got style.

Ripped jeans trend, check. Layering trend, check.

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She’s a seeker of adventure.

She loves traveling and experiencing other cultures!

Yesterday morning at Myeong Dong! #SueLovesKorea 🇰🇷💕

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Best thing i had in Nagoya? TAKOYAKI 😍🇯🇵💕

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She has the voice of an angel.

She’s not only a great actress, but a great singer too. Watch her nail those high notes so smoothly!

She has her quirkiness to back her up.

The girl’s the life of the party!


She’s as real as she can get.

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In an industry where being marketable seems to be the end-all telltale of one’s worth, Sue begs to differ. She shows us that there’s more to her than brand endorsements.

What’s your favorite thing about Sue?