Laura Barber Reveals Showbiz Dream

  • November 13, 2017

Laura Barber’s solo magazine cover of Inside Showbiz Weekly is a great way to make her showbiz plan known. However, her foray into showbiz has to be put on hold. She is currently in her final year in college before she earns her chemistry degree. “Finishing her studies is very, very important. So just because she’s having this shoot does not mean she’s not going back to college,” her father Kevin Barber said.

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Laura admits that she is not so fond of doing research and lab work anymore. She even thought that jobs in public speaking and public relations would suit her more. Until her showbiz dream dawned upon her. “I’m just going to focus on finishing my last year in college because it’s the most important year to get my degree.”

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She does not consider such decision as a wrong move in the industry that goes by the ‘strike while the iron is hot’ adage. “I know it’s going to be hard to put this aside for now and just focus on chemistry but I really have to. And once I have that degree that means I have it for the rest of my life. Then I can completely focus myself on showbiz.”

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Even as she toils to earn her chemistry degree, Laura assures that she will continue honing her performing arts skills. She has joined a hip-hop society in her school. She will also take singing lessons as per her father’s advice. “I dunno if I should tell people about the singing lessons because I don’t know if it would work,” she says laughing. “What if it doesn’t work?”

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