Ladies Who Kept It Low-key At Bench Under The Stars

  • November 20, 2017

While a lot of people see Bench Under The Stars an underwear show, it’s not actually a requirement to flaunt a lot of skin. After all, sexiness isn’t based on how much skin you’re ready to show. It’s about owning your body and being confident about it.

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And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong about showing skin and flaunting the body that you’re proud of and you worked hard for to achieve, we can’t help but admire ladies who kept it low-key at Bench Under The Stars.

Here are some celebs who didn’t show much but still brought the house down with their captivating beauty, oozing sex appeal and wild stage presence.

Maine Mendoza

Kathryn Bernardo

Gabbi Garcia 

Julia Barretto

Julia Montes

Kim Chiu

Who's the sexiest for you?