Whose Music Genre Suits Your Personality?

  • October 6, 2017

Majority of music enthusiasts align the genre of the songs they listen to with their personalities. There are instances that we express what we feel, our mood, or what we want to say through songs. One of the many ways to know the person beyond the surface is to look through their playlist and check the artists and the genres they listen to.

Young stars in showbiz nowadays don’t just settle in acting, many of them make music as well to reach out to their fans in a different level. Some of today’s rising stars are starting to level up their showbiz career by jumping into music. They write, record, and sometimes, they even produce their own songs. Just like the listeners who align the songs they listen to with their characters, artists do the same way, too. It’s a common case that an artist’s genre defines who he is as a person. Just like Maymay Entrata and Kisses Delavin‘s music genres.

Maymay is a goofy young lady who is full of life. She’s naturally funny and wacky and loves to make people laugh. That’s why the genre of her songs sounds very fun and has quirky titles. Best example is her hit song, ToinksWhen you hear it, you’ll know that it’s Maymay. The song is very cheerful and it can instantly make you dance.

On the other hand, Kisses’ type of music is different from Maymay. She’s a sweet girl who acts timid at times. Unlike her best friend who loves to joke around, Kisses has a very charming demeanour and it’s very rare to see her doing funny things. She’s that type of lady who sits in the corner and quietly appreciating everyone. She jokes around, too, but she’s not as energetic as her ate Maymay. That’s why her song ‘Di Ko Lang Masabi is calmer and the acoustic guitar and and the lyrics match her sweet personality.

Both rising singers have released amazing songs, and many fans can’t get enough of them. Most of us are even anticipating for Maymay and Kisses to have a concert together where they can perform their songs live with their love team partners Edward Barber and Marco Gallo, respectively.

But as listeners, whose music genre suits your personality? Tell us your thoughts on the comments below!

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Whose music genre suits your personality?