KissMarc and MayWard Share Preparations for Star Magic Ball

  • September 8, 2017

Star Magic Ball is one of the most anticipated event of one of the most successful talent agencies in the Philippines. It’s the only night that veteran stars and young stars come together for a night of glam, style, and stars.

In the blog conference of Loving In Tandem, the four trending stars shared their plans and preparations for the coming ball. As showbiz newcomers, it’s the first Star Magic Ball of Marco Gallo, Kisses Delavin, Edward Barber, and Maymay Entrata.

When asked what their preparations are, Kisses shared: “Nagpagawa na po ako gown kay Francis Libiran kasi sobrang excited ko po talaga.” As a beauty pageant girl, Kisses admits that she enjoys fancy balls like this and that wearing grand gowns really excite her because of her love for fairytales.

Meanwhile, Edward Barber said that he already has a suit that he will be wearing for the ball, but refuses to reveal more details about it. He also joked about how he’s not used to formal events like this. “Marco and I will probably just be in the corner, clueless what to do.”

Marco Gallo shared the same sentiments in not being used to this kind of formal events, also stating that he’s more used to parties and rave. “I’ve never been to a ball,” Marco admits which is why he’s nervous and excited at the same time.

On the other hand, Maymay Entrata feels excitement for the coming grand event. “Feeling ko po magpapa-picture lang ako sa mga artista,” Maymay joked. She also looked back on how she only used to watch about the Star Magic Ball in television as fan, which makes being a part of it really surreal for her. ”

We can’t wait to see these four shine at the Star Magic Ball which will be happening at the end of September.

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