Kisses Delavin’s Fangirl Journey

  • August 16, 2017

Kisses Delavin has always been vocal about always wanting to become an actress since she was a little girl. Recently, she reminisced about being that little girl with full of dreams by posting a photo of her with Gerald Anderson. Years later, those dreams have come true now that she’s one of today’s rising stars.

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According to Kisses, the photo was when she was a huge KimErald fangirl. She met Gerald Anderson in the airport, and the little actress wannabe in her grabbed the chance to have a photo with the star. And just last week, Kisses was one of the people who awarded Gerald his Most Valuable Player award.

Kisses wrote: “Then & now, things have changed. But Kuya Gerald is still the good & humble man I met before. Congratulations kuya Gerald & Team Gerald! May God bless you more!”

Whenever you lose hope in achieving your dreams, think about Kisses who just once hoped to be an actress and is now living her dream and working with her childhood idols.

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