Kisses Delavin Pranks Maymay Entrata

  • September 11, 2017

In last night’s episode of Gandang Gabi Vice, Kisses Delavin was tasked to pull a prank on her bestfriend Maymay Entrata. The prank was done hours before their GGV guesting. Kisses pretended she was having an asthma attack while alone in a dressing room with Maymay.

Kisses continuously screamed “Hindi ako makahinga!” all through out the prank, setting her friend into a panic. But whenever Maymay tried to exit the room to get help, Kisses never failed to stop her which left Maymay frustrated and clueless on what to do.

See Maymay’s full reaction below:

Maymay’s panicked reaction just shows how close the two are. Vice Ganda also remarked how she cried after watching the video because it showed how much Maymay cares for her friend Kisses.

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