Kisses Delavin Describes Her Ideal Guy

  • September 8, 2017

At the blog conference of Loving in Tandem on September 08, 2017, Kisses Delavin was all-out in describing what her ideal guy is. At the age of 18, Kisses divulged that she’s already allowed to decide for herself, which includes entertaining guys. But she noted that she doesn’t want to jump into dating yet and wants to put all her attention to her career.

Though she’s not having any interest in getting into a relationship at this point, Kisses shared that she’s starting to list down qualities that she will look for in a guy, “‘Yung ideal guy ko po is, it’s changing from time to time. Pero ‘yung constant sa ideal ko na guy is ‘yung [pagiging] consistent tsaka ‘yung sincere sa kung ano ‘yung sinasabi nya.”

Does her onscreen sweetheart Marco Gallo embody these qualities? What do you think?

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