JV Kapunan Gives Real Score Between Him and Miho Nishida

  • November 10, 2017

With his cool and manly demeanor, singer-actor JV Kapunan wasn’t someone we imagined to be a romantic. But after he spoke up on what has been going on between him and Pinoy Big Brother alumna, Miho Nishida, we found out that there’s a soft, romantic side to the guy after all. “[Miho and I] are dating,” confesses JV. He clarifies that it’s not yet official, but getting there. “Gusto ko kilalanin muna yung tao.” JV confirms what Miho admitted earlier, and that he is indeed courting the actress.


“We started in La Luna,” narrates JV on how he and Miho got close. “We both had broken hearts. I told her about my heartbreak and apparently, she also came from the same experience. Nilalabas ko sa kanya yung sakit ko sa taping [during breaks]. We got close because she would share her heartbreak, how to deal with it, etc. So I became comfortable to the point that in tapings we would always be together. And then we started [filming] IG stories. And fans reacted. And then we started liking each other in the process. She wasn’t ready at first—dinideadma niya pa ako.”

It’s been six months since JV’s last relationship which was also with another actress. The relationship lasted for nine months and JV says that for him, it was the first time he had fallen in love and he had gotten attached to the girl so the heartbreak was really bad. It was also the first time that JV had invested deeply in a relationship, having had a casual attitude towards relationships before. Miho on the other hand was in a relationship with her former PBB love team partner, Tommy Esguerra, for more than a year and was hurting badly from the break-up after investing so much as well in the relationship. JV says it was a good thing that La Luna Sangre came along for him after his break-up because it got him busy and allowed him not to dwell on his problems.


JV explains what he loves about Miho. “She’s so straightforward,” he says. “She doesn’t care what other people think. Hindi siya plastic. Personality-wise, she’s really tough. When she cares about someone, she really shows it even if sometimes she has a hard time expressing it [because of the language barrier].” After being in showbiz for seven years, JV says the actress is one of the realest people for him. It was also just natural for both of them to get along well with each other aside from having similar experiences in heartbreak.

JV says that he and Miho are in the getting-to-know-you stage. Doing so is one of the lessons he’s learned after his past break-up. JV says they are both enjoying each other’s company and have been going on trips, even spending a vacation in Japan some weeks ago. “Miho was my personal translator! Sa Japan kasi walang English talaga,” says JV laughingly on the experience. Aside from spending time together on trips, the two can also be seen going on group dates with JV’s showbiz friends including Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo. “Sobra siyang mahiyain,” says JV on Miho when she goes out with them. “Tahimik lang siya kasi nahihiya siya. Pero makulit talaga siya.”


JV says that as of now, things are going smoothly now with the Japanese-Filipino actress. He wants to ask her to be his girlfriend at the right time. He also adds that Miho is a non-assuming kind of girl.

When it comes to Miho being a single mom, JV has no trouble with the situation. He says he has his own single friends who have kids and he doesn’t judge them. “Mabait yung [anak ni Miho] sa akin,” he says. “We get along well. For me, I don’t judge [Miho’s] past.” Miho’s child is even a shipper of JV and Miho’s tandem.

JV hopes that his fans as well as Miho’s will respect whatever decision they make regarding their relationship. “It’s all about our happiness,” he explains.

Photos by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100 | Art Direction by Macky Arquilla | Words by Melissa Bagamasbad | Styling by Jhelo Cristobal


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