Janella Salvador Breaks Silence About Conflict With Mom

  • September 13, 2017

Young actress Janella Salvador finally spoke up about rift with her mother, Jenine Desiderio. In an interview, Janella finally admitted that there’s conflict between them but she’s hoping that it would end soon.

Last July 19, Jenine sent out a series of tweets on social media about her basic rules as a mother, and how her daughter can’t seem to follow them.

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A post shared by Jenine Desiderio (@j9desire) on

A post shared by Jenine Desiderio (@j9desire) on

When asked if her love team partner, Elmo Magalona was the cause of their conflict, Janella quickly denied. “Hindi naman sa ayaw. I think ang problem lang talaga is… mothers are really protective when it comes to their children,” the young actress said. “Gusto nila (mothers) i-make sure na worthy and all. She’s just being a mother and she really wants to know him or whoever man.”

Janella also said that what they’re going through is just normal. “Hindi naman sa nagkatampuhan kami,” she clarifies. “Basta we’re just going through normal things that a mother and daughter go through. Huwag na muna nating pag-usapan yung mom ko,” she said.

The young actress also expressed that she believes they will eventually be okay. “Well, I believe everything is gonna be okay naman. Kasi, in the end, she is still my mother. In God’s time, maaayos siya.”

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