A Sneak Peek Of JaDine’s Cool and Chic Folded & Hung Shoot

  • October 27, 2017

Everyone has been raving about Nadine Lustre and James Reid being the newest ambassadors of the clothing line Folded & Hung, and we have a little treat for you, JaDine fans!

Under the disco lights and party aesthetics, we got more photos of the brand’s newest power couple clad in different kinds of outfits such as glam metallics, plaids and checks, silks, florals, retro stripes and velvets. James and Nadine aren’t strangers to this kind of clothes as they have always been edgy and experimental when it comes to their outfits. They aren’t the kind to stick to one style. They have a knack of surprising people, whether it’s in casual days or red carpet events.

It’s no question that the aesthetics of the clothing brand Folded & Hung really resonates with the personal styles of these two hot trendsetters. And we can’t help but adore this photo shoot that screams all kinds of cool and chic.

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Check out these behind-the-scenes photos below!

We can’t wait to get our hands on this collection!

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