JaDine Cohabiting: Why It’s No One’s Business

  • July 11, 2017

In the entertainment world, one of the worst things we do to our celebrities is put them in a pedestal and forget they’re real people too. According to most people, celebrities have to be squeaky clean, they have to be ‘pure’, they should never say foul words, stay conservative, never liberated, don’t party and stay out late. And what seems like the oldest, most common line that gets thrown to celebrities who don’t follow these is “you’re a public figure, you should always be a good influence.”

Nadine Lustre has been getting a lot of flak over something she said on an ambush interview last week. A reporter asked her if it was true that she and long-time boyfriend James Reid are already living together. Nadine seemed nonchalant, and then after a short pause, she answered: I mean, if that was true, so what? Hindi ba? It’s not new anymore, it’s normal na eh. Come on, guys, it’s 2017!” 

But the reporter seemed to be too eager in getting a confirmation, so she tried again, emphasizing that JaDine has a young fan base, to which Nadine answered: “I’m not gonna confirm, and I’m not gonna deny. But then, like, ano naman?” Nadine ended the interview through asking everyone to be open-minded.

As soon as the video of the interview was aired on TV and circulated on the internet, negative reactions to JaDine poured, with people saying what they’re doing is immoral, not a great example, and many more.

Just a little backstory: Nadine and James have been working as celebrities for years now which give the both of them stable income. James is 24, Nadine is 23. They have been in a relationship for over a year now.

With all those details laid out, we don’t really see any problem with Nadine’s answer, and there’s also definitely nothing wrong with them cohabiting. They are two consenting adults who have a career together; and as long as they’re not hurting anyone and especially each other, there’s no problem at all.

If their own parents are okay with their decision, who are you to condemn?

The real problem here is everyone shoving their beliefs down the couple’s throats. Just because they share moments of their relationships on social media, and just because we witnessed how their relationship blossomed from friendship to a romantic one, it doesn’t mean that we get to dictate whatever they decide to do during their private moments. Just because their work requires them to be in the public eye all the time, it doesn’t mean that we’re free to invade their privacy any time.

Privacy is not the price you pay as a celebrity. Celebrities have the right to choose not to deny or confirm, and when they are uncomfortable with your question and obviously don’t want to answer, take a hint.

More than the debate of cohabiting being moral or immoral, another thing that we need to think about is this: when will we ever learn to draw the line of what’s intrusive and not? When will we understand that this couple, no matter how many fans they have and no matter how famous they are, it’s still no one’s business whatever they do with their personal lives. They don’t owe us any explanation, and asking their living decisions is just downright intrusive.

Their personal lives aren’t part of their entertainment careers, it’s something that will always be just between them and something that we will never have a say on.

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