Jack Reid Shows Interest in Rom-Com Genre

  • May 21, 2017

Jack Reid hopes to appear in more television shows and movies. He also shoots down the possibility of having an album soon. “I don’t sing too much yet.” He is also open to having a love team partner just like his brother. “Whatever happens, happens.” As for his showbiz idol, he reveals that it is none other than his brother James. “Everything I’ve learned showbiz-wise is from him,” he declares.

He wants to try a variety of genres such as romantic-comedy and fantasy. But the action genre tops for him. “I’ve always wanted to do an action movie ever since I was a kid. It’s every boy’s dream. You have to star in one,” says the mild-mannered guy who has swag and machismo hiding under his sleeve. “I’m pretty new to showbiz. I still need to be exposed to more projects and shows.”

He owns up that he has a lot more to learn in the industry. “I’m trying hard. I’m just letting things happen as they happen. I’m not going out of my way, not letting it get to my head because that’s not good showbiz-wise.”


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