Edward Barber on Relationships: “You don’t need to rush it”

  • September 8, 2017

Edward Barber‘s first big screen project with Maymay Entrata, Loving in Tandem, will definitely offer an exciting love story. Since the movie plot is about two young people falling in love, the press asked Edward if he’s thinking of getting into a real life romance like his character Luke.

Edward answered, “I realized in my life, I tend to rush things. For example, I have my food and I haven’t eaten for so long, then I eat it, and then it’s gone [immediately]. I didn’t even get to enjoy it. It’s a metaphor. There’s a lot of things that I get caught in the moment rushing. Even on the set, sometimes if Luke is in the moment, Direk [would be like] ‘Edward, you rushed it!‘ Nawawala [agad] ‘yung moment.”

He explained that he’s the type of guy who unconsciously procrastinates, but when it comes to matters of the heart, the young actor said that he would like to take his time and take things slow. “I think for now, for things like that—for jowa material, for ideal girl and guy, you don’t need to rush it. People will always say ‘Oh, come on go, go! Guys, come on, get together [already]!’ You don’t have to let people pressure you.”

Just like his friendship with Maymay, they built it step-by-step, and the result is a beautiful and admirable bond which will never be taken away from them.

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