CONFIRMED: Daniel Matsunaga Is Dating Again!

  • October 12, 2017

It’s been eight months since model-actor Daniel Matsunaga called it quits with actress Erich Gonzales. Daniel has been quiet and low-key since then, but now, he’s ready to speak up again and share details of his personal life.

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Although many people have expressed sadness about the break up of the power couple, DanRich, it seems like the two have moved on with their own lives. Daniel, especially, now that he has admitted that he’s seeing someone new.


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In an interview, Daniel said, “I’m eight months single, pero happy naman. I’m very happy, focused… I’m kinda dating someone, but let’s see, and I’m just praying.” He also shared that the girl he’s currently dating is not a Filipina but refused to share some more details.

“It takes time to find somebody special and you want to have not just a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, di ba?” says the 28-year-old actor who also admitted that he wants to finally settle down at the age of 32.

When asked about his current status with Erich if they’re friends or they’re even talking,  Daniel answered: This is showbiz and you just have to get used to it. For me, it doesn’t affect me anymore. It doesn’t affect me at all. Hindi ako nagsalita noong may controversy kami ni Erich. Ayoko talagang magsalita.

Matsunaga also clarified that he has nothing against his ex-girlfriend.

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