Bailey May Asks Ylona Garcia To Star Magic Ball

  • September 25, 2017

Another pair has confirmed being each other’s date for the coming Star Magic Ball 2017. On-screen partners Ylona Garcia and Bailey May will be gracing the red carpet on Sept. 30 together, after Bailey asked Ylona to be his date, complete with roses and her favorite ice cream.

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The two posted about the special moment on their Instagram accounts.

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Ylona captioned her post with appreciation for her favorite guy, “Awww! My favorite things from my favorite guy. Who could say no to this? I’d love to be your date, Bailey May!”. Meanwhile, Bailey announced: “I have a date for the Ball.”

We’ll surely watch out for these two to slay the red carpet of the most-awaited ball.

This is Ylona Garcia and Bailey May’s second time to attend the ball together.

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