Arci Munoz Makes Public Appearance After Surgery Rumors

  • August 15, 2017

Arci Munoz has been the talk of the town lately because of plastic surgery rumors. When photos of her guesting in an event circulated last week, many took notice of the changes in her face.

But it seems like Arci Muñoz isn’t fazed by her critics and detractors as she confidently graced an event in Tuguegarao over the weekend.

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Despite all the bashing and hateful comments surrounding her, Arci looks unaffected by all of it. The actress-singer has always been fierce and sassy, she’s not one to care about what people are saying about her. And when she was asked about plastic surgery in the past, she answered: “Personally, I’m not against it. It’s my body. And whatever’s gonna make me feel more comfortable and more confident sa aking sarili, I’ll do it.”

Preach it, girl! It’s your body and no one has the right to shame you for what you do with it.

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