Anne Curtis and the Pressure of Having a Baby Right Away After Marriage

  • December 7, 2017

I’m sure we’ve all heard newly-wed couples get asked the big question: “When are you going to have a baby?”. For most people, especially the traditional ones, the expected next step after vowing to love and care for each other for the rest of your lives is to create a family together. And when you answer that you’re not thinking about it yet, eyebrows will surely raise as a reaction. Newly-wed women carry this heavy pressure of becoming a mother right away after just becoming a wife, and celebrity women who get married in front of the public eye get asked this question more often than the regular ones, and not only by their relatives but by the media, fans, and strangers as well.

After all the talk about their breathtaking wedding in New Zealand that won the hearts of many, actress and television host Anne Curtis was asked the big baby question by the press recently. She answered: “Oh my gosh…not yet! We just got married, and so first, we will enjoy married life.” She also stressed during the interview that for the meantime, she wants to focus on the children she’s taking care of as a part of her advocacy in UNICEF. But as a prominent public figure, her answer on parenthood was instantly blown out of proportion and circulated on social media, especially after a newspaper article titled ‘Anne Curtis no time to have a baby’ became viral. Soon after, the actress was labeled selfish and was bashed for “not wanting to become a mother”.

Anne quickly defended herself on Twitter, writing: “Wow. People are so harsh. The headline is misleading too. I never said that. Maybe if they read the article they would see what I said was – WE JUST GOT MARRIED, can’t we enjoy that first before making the next big step of becoming parents? It’s our life anyway! Kalerky!

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For the record, Anne didn’t say anything about not wanting to become a mother ever. But then again, if she ever realizes eventually and decides that being a mother is not something she wants to do, then there’s no problem with that either.  Marriage is a lifelong bond with someone, a vow made by two people who unconditionally love each other. It’s simply that: a promise between two people who will love each other for the rest of their lives. It’s about time that we retire the notion that parenthood is the obvious next step after marriage, or the belief that the only purpose of marrying is to procreate.

Anne Curtis, and every other woman in the world, has the right to make decisions for their bodies and what to do with it, and when to do it. And if having a child is not one of those plans, it’s not anyone’s business. Anne couldn’t have said it better when she said “It’s our life, anyway.” Whatever their plans are with their married life, whether it’s with children or no children, is their decision alone and not anyone else’s.

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