Andi Eigenmann Totally Quits Showbiz

  • October 11, 2017

Andi Eigenmann has had her fair share of controversies. A google search of her name would give you articles of her custody battle with ex boyfriend Jake Ejercito over their daughter Ellie, responding to bashers, and other issues. Andi has always been one of the few actresses who are unapologetically outspoken which most of the time was the reason why she’s the topic of controversies.

But Andi couldn’t care less.

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In an interview with CNN, Andi clarified that she won’t stop acting in films and television, but she’s done with the ‘artista’ life. “Hindi naman sa iniiwan ko ‘yung film industry pero ayaw ko na ng showbiz,” Andi declared.

It seems like Andi has grown tired and unhappy of the regular artista life, and just wanted to fully focus on being a legit actress. “It’s been two years since I was brave enough to go into my manager’s office, Viva Artist Agency, and tell them that, and lumabas talaga sa bibig ko na I’m not happy anymore. I felt like I wanted to take a break from it,” she narrated.

Andi also opened up about how she holds the film Ma Rosa close to her heart, and how she wants to do more films like it in the future. “It’s just more of I just want storylines that I really believe in. Kahit pa isang eksena lang ako diyan, okay lang, basta maging part ako ng production na talagang pinapaniwalaan ko, na ‘yung art form naiintindihan ko. ”

Andi Eigenmann is really an inspiration to follow what you want!

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