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Palm Dreams Listening Party On The Radio Today

Everyone has been raving about the new sound of James Reid‘s Palm Dreams. Today, it officially hits the radio as James Reid announces on his Twitter account that 3 different radio stations will be playing his new tracks. MEGA A post shared by James Reid (@jaye.wolf) on May 4, 2017 at 4:02am PDT James Reid will also […]

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Diego Loyzaga Raves About Palm Dreams

James Reid‘s newest self-produced album has been getting a lot of hype and praises from fans, casual listeners, and celebrities alike. The most recent artist to rave about the record is Diego Loyzaga who tweeted about his love for the album. Appreciation post! This song is 👌🏾 congrats James pic.twitter.com/rW69FMSbnU — Diego Loyzaga (@loyzagadiegs) July 17, […]

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James Reid Talks About Palm Dreams

Nothing’s stopping James Reid and his hit album “Palm Dreams” from topping the charts. Every song is super cool and we are loving this new vibe from the heartthrob singer. In an interview with MYX, James explained the meaning of his single “Cool Down”. He says that it was the first song he wrote without […]

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Why James Reid’s Palm Dreams Is A Game Changer

It’s not every day that you see one of today’s hottest celebrities who’s at the peak of his career try something totally new. It takes bravery and a different kind of passion to make that risk; to tell your management that you’d like to release an album with self-composed and self-produced songs, and make music that’s […]

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5 Reasons Why We’re Excited for Palm Dreams

James Reid‘s first self-produced album Palm Dreams is set for release tomorrow, and we can’t calm down. After a year of writing his own songs, producing, and finalizing everything, we can’t wait to hear the tracks that James obviously poured his heart out for and worked so hard on. He has always been an excellent […]

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James Reid Dominates MYX Music Awards Nominations

One of the most highly-anticipated music award show in the country, MYX Music Awards, has finally released their list of nominees and actor, singer, and songwriter James Reid is one of the most nominated artists. Happening on May 15 at the Big Dome, MYX will celebrate and give recognition to all the artists and all the […]

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Six Things We’re Excited About For Revolution, the 2018 Jadine Concert

It’s only one day to go before the Jadine Revolution concert and to say that we’re excited is an understatement! What sets this love team apart is that they’re the “multimedia love team”—they can act, sing, dance (and even compose, direct, and design!). Two years ago, this multi-talented love team filled up the Araneta Coliseum […]

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JaDine Shares Details About Their Relationship in GGV

James Reid and Nadine Lustre have become one the biggest and most successful love teams after just four years of teaming up. Ever since Diary ng Panget, the tandem has reached a stardom only some of their peers could dream of. This year, a number of a projects are already lined up for JaDine including a […]


Nadine Lustre Releases New Track “St4y Up”

During their last press con for their upcoming concert, REVOLution, real-life power couple and love team JaDine were asked when Nadine Lustre’s album would be released after the success of James’ latest album Palm Dreams. To this, James simply said that they were still working on Nadine’s album. Their unreleased song together was also brought […]

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Discover How James Reid Writes His Songs

With a tinge of R&B, EDM and a little bit of hip-hop, James Reid has been making headlines with his latest album Palm Dreams, which he produced under his own label, Careless Music Manila. His aesthetic trippy music videos just make people more interested and intrigued with his music as they provide visuals to his […]