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EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Lustre Dishes Out Details About Lustrous

To make everyone even more excited, It girl and beauty lover Nadine Lustre is revealing more details about her upcoming collaboration with Australian makeup brand, BYS. Called “Lustrous,” the description in the official Instagram account (@lustrousph) says that the line is a collaboration between Nadine and makeup brand BYS. Related: Nadine Lustre on Her Two-Year Relationship with James […]

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Yay or Nay? Nadine Lustre Gets A Hair Transformation

Nadine Lustre has always been one of the best trendsetters of the entertainment industry. Whatever she wears and however she wears it, it’s guaranteed that people will talk about it and try to cop it as well. The way she can pull off any clothing is admirable, and apparently, she can also rock any hairstyle. […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Lustre Admits She’s Nervous About Never Not Love You

James Reid and Nadine Lustre are back in the big screen with their reunion project with award-winning director Antoinette Jadaone. After their last movie project, This Time last May 2016, JaDine has been focused on television, music, concerts, and doing their own things. And while we love their other projects, seeing them in the big screen has […]

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Nadine Lustre on Her Two-Year Relationship with James Reid: “It’s like a full course meal”

Showbiz can be a harsh place for romance. Many stars will most likely agree that it’s almost impossible to maintain a sturdy relationship with a fellow celebrity due to many reasons; whether working around tough work schedules or having to deal with detractors or issues that may instantly ruin your heard-earned trust to your equally famous […]

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We’re excited for Nadine Lustre’s new makeup line!

Nadine Lustre is back at creating her own empire once again, as she is launching a makeup line that is set to be released this April. Called “Lustrous,” the description in the official Instagram account (@lustrousph) says that the line is a collaboration between Nadine and makeup brand BYS. Follow @lustrousph on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter […]

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Outfits Nadine Lustre Rocked at Revolution: The JaDine Concert

On Friday, February 09, James Reid and Nadine Lustre fired up the stage of the Big Dome during their much-anticipated concert titled Revolution: The JaDine Concert. The couple showcased their astounding talents in singing and dancing. Among the other singers who joined them were Sarah Geronimo, Sam Concepcion, Kiana Valenciano and Bret Jackson.  Related: Six Things We’re […]

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Here’s How Nadine Lustre Deals with #FakeNews!

Nadine Lustre is inarguably one of the most talked-about young celebrities today in showbiz. Everyone wants to know her upcoming projects, her plans with equally famous boyfriend James Reid, and even the latest events in her personal life. Related: JaDine Shows Support For World Mental Health Day To have a solid career in the limelight with thousands or […]

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A Look Back on Nadine Lustre’s Iconic Music Videos

It’s no secret that Nadine Lustre has really come a long way since she started in the showbiz industry. From the very start, Nadine showed her capabilities and talents. She’s not just an actress, but a great singer and graceful dancer as well which is why every single she put out there is a certified […]

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Nadine Lustre Surprises Fans With New Music Video

Nadine Lustre really has a knack of surprising her fans. After dropping her most-awaited single St4y Up unannounced a few weeks ago with nothing but an Instagram story with the words “Just so you know…” in a screenshot of her single already up on Spotify, Nadine once again pulled a Beyonce (aka releasing materials with no […]


Nadine Lustre Releases New Track “St4y Up”

During their last press con for their upcoming concert, REVOLution, real-life power couple and love team JaDine were asked when Nadine Lustre’s album would be released after the success of James’ latest album Palm Dreams. To this, James simply said that they were still working on Nadine’s album. Their unreleased song together was also brought […]