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Maymay Entrata for Inside Showbiz Weekly

A TRUE GEM When Maymay Entrata flew to Germany in late December, she was looking forward to see the place which her love team partner Edward Barber calls home. She was so ready to set her eyes on new sights and experience a totally different culture. She was also hoping to catch snow for the […]

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Highlights of Maymay Entrata’s Solo Concert!

It was the biggest night for one of the newest princesses of local showbiz, and Maymay Entrata slayed it! Her first-ever solo concert at KIA Theater last night was so successful, it was sold out! Related: Is Maymay Entrata Ready For Solo Concert? Here are our favorite parts The Dream: Maymay in Concert: Her solo dance […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Maymay Entrata Reveals Hidden Message in Edward Barber’s Gift

Fans went cray when they read our exclusive interview with Edward Barber on how he planned his Valentine’s surprise for Maymay Entrata. Many felt kilig and jealous at the same time, knowing that Edward has exerted such effort just to make Maymay happy on the day of hearts. Related: Edward Barber Reveals How He Surprised Maymay Entrata on Valentine’s […]

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Edward Barber Reveals How He Surprised Maymay Entrata on Valentine’s

Fans and showbiz watchers are always on the lookout for romantic surprises among celebrity sweethearts every Valentine’s Day. Dinner dates, out of town trips, and exchanges of sweet and thoughtful messages on social media are the most common scenarios we see during this much-anticipated occasion. Related: Sweetest Valentine Messages of Your Fave Celeb Couples But aside from […]

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Kisses Delavin and Maymay Entrata Reveal That They Have Misunderstanding

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemates Kisses Delavin and Maymay Entrata have always been close with each other. Despite the fandom wars after they stepped out of the phenomenal yellow house, both actresses are unaffected and still remain as very good friends. But just like every other friendship, Kisses and Maymay have misunderstandings as well. In their episode of Gandang […]

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Who Gave Maymay Entrata This Very Sweet Valentine’s Gift?

It seems like Maymay Entrata received a late Valentine’s present. The internet was shookt when the former PBB Housemate and February MEGA Magazine cover girl posted a photo of a pendant with the words “You’re my heart”. Maymay didn’t write any caption for the post, and also didn’t tag anyone which made fans speculate it’s […]


Maymay Entrata is Showbiz Industry’s Real-Life Disney Princess

Every loyal supporter knows every bit of Maymay Entrata‘s life story and humble beginnings. The 20-year-old morena beauty, who is now a super star admired by thousands of people, was born in Cagayan de Oro. As a self-confessed fangirl who looks up to many actors and actresses, Maymay used to religiously watch mall shows back in […]

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LOOK: Tyra Banks Liked Maymay Entrata’s Making MEGA Photo

In this time where basically everyone uses social media, likes and favorites are the new age compliments. A simple double tap on Instagram can be a big deal for someone especially when it comes to someone credible and popular. One example for this is when supermodel  Tyra Banks liked a photo of Maymay Entrata‘s Star […]

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Here’s How Maymay Entrata Defines Her #MakingMEGA Cover Shoot!

“Ito ang pinaka magandang cover shoot ever, ever in my life!” This is how Mega woman Maymay Entrata defines her dream out of the country shoot with the country’s best fashion magazine. Related: EXCLUSIVE! Maymay Entrata on Being a Making MEGA Cover Star: “Ang swerte ko!” “I’m so glad I was able to work with these […]

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Maymay Entrata Releases Christmas Single

It’s the start of Christmas month, and we’re definitely feeling the holidays already. The decorations are up, and the Christmas songs are already on loop. It’s everyone’s favorite month and trending star Maymay Entrata gives her fans an early Chrsistmas treat as she releases a new single, Merry Ang Pasko. Related: Maymay Entrata Is a Certified RECORD […]