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EXCLUSIVE! Maymay Entrata Rehearsing for Vice Ganda Concert

Maymay Entrata has only joined the entertainment industry for a year, but if you’re going to count and enumerate all the astounding milestones she has already made in such a short span of time, it’s evident that she has already established herself as one of this generation’s fastest rising young actresses. On top of her regular […]

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WATCH: Maymay Entrata Effortlesly Hits Adele’s High Notes

She’s not just a model material, a natural comedienne, and a talented actress, but Maymay Entrata is also one of those versatile rising stars who can capture many hearts with her singing voice. As a neophyte in showbiz, she definitely knows how to work her way up; she tirelessly hone her skills and maximizes her talent […]

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Maymay Entrara Fangirls Over Maine Mendoza

Despite hailing from rival networks, Maymay Entrata can’t help but fangirl over the phenomenal Maine Mendoza. Turns out, Maymay and her family has been a fan of Maine ever since she became a household name. Related: Kalyeserye Brings Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza to the US! In an Instagram post, Maymay has nothing but love and gratitude […]


Tyra Banks Likes Maymay Entrata’s Star Magic Ball Photos

It seems like PBB Big Winner Maymay Entrata is on her way to becoming a top model. On the night of Star Magic Ball, supermodel Tyra Banks noticed the photos of the Star Magic Ball first-timer in her Mark Bumgarner gown. Related: Maymay Entrata Thankful For Liza Soberano A post shared by May May Entrata (@maymayentrata07) […]

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Maymay Entrata Thankful For Liza Soberano

PBB Big Winner Maymay Entrata has always been a vocal fangirl of Liza Soberano. Ever since she was still a normal teen from Cagayan de Oro, until now that she’s already a movie star, Maymay’s admiration for the new Darna still hasn’t fazed a bit. Related: Liza Soberano Excited to Shoot Darna Film A post shared […]

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Maymay Entrata’s Top 10 OOTDs: Which one’s your fave?

Maymay Entrata is known for her unassuming and goofy personality, but she keeps on surprising everyone as she continue pursuing her dreams in the realm of show business. She first stunned us with her angelic voice when she released her first song and first album. She followed it with jaw-dropping magazine covers that made everyone see […]

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Maymay Entrata Posts Photo of Edward’s Gift

If you haven’t heard, Edward Barber recently surprised his leading lady Maymay Entrata with a camera charm to commemorate the memories of their first movie, Loving In Tandem. Edward did this on live television, as a part of asking Maymay to be his date to the coming Star Magic Ball. Related: Edward Barber Asks Maymay Entrata To Star […]

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Julia Barretto a Certified Maymay Entrata Supporter?

Two movie actresses, Julia Barretto and Maymay Entrata, unite in one photo. Julia who plays the character of Mika in Love You to the Stars and Back posted a photo with Maymay who also plays a lead role in Star Cinema’s latest movie, Loving in Tandem. Maymay left the people who watched the video breathless with her astounding […]

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Edward Barber Asks Maymay Entrata To Star Magic Ball

Edward Barber sealed the deal, and finally asked his leading lady Maymay Entrata to be his date to their first ever Star Magic Ball— and take note, he did it in live television, and with a gift for Maymay! During the ‘Bawal Kiligin’ challenge on the morning show Magandang Buhay, Edward knelt in front of Maymay and asked […]

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Kisses Delavin Pranks Maymay Entrata

In last night’s episode of Gandang Gabi Vice, Kisses Delavin was tasked to pull a prank on her bestfriend Maymay Entrata. The prank was done hours before their GGV guesting. Kisses pretended she was having an asthma attack while alone in a dressing room with Maymay. Kisses continuously screamed “Hindi ako makahinga!” all through out the prank, setting her friend […]