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Here’s How Maymay Entrata Defines Her #MakingMEGA Cover Shoot!

“Ito ang pinaka magandang cover shoot ever, ever in my life!” This is how Mega woman Maymay Entrata defines her dream out of the country shoot with the country’s best fashion magazine. Related: EXCLUSIVE! Maymay Entrata on Being a Making MEGA Cover Star: “Ang swerte ko!” “I’m so glad I was able to work with these […]

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#MakingMEGAwithMaymay FBsode 3

Naturally gorgeous Maymay Entrata looks even more stunning on the second day of #MakingMega shoot. Here she is in full-on prep mode with her glam team Owen Sarmiento and John Valle. This glimpse of her hair and makeup makes us feel even more thrilled to see her transform into a supermodel! Follow us for more FB-sodes of […]

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#MakingMEGAwithMaymay FBsode 2

Maymay Entrata is ready for the big day! Her first ever cover shoot for Making MEGA in Germany happens today with Edward Barber. Clearly, the year started in the best way for these love birds. Watch as Maymay Entrata excitedly shares their agenda for today! Follow us for more FB-sodes of Making MEGA in Germany […]

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#MakingMEGAwithMaymay FBsode 1

The MEGA team has finally arrived in Germany for the much-anticipated #MakingMega! Maymay Entrata excitedly welcomes the team to her ‘new hood’ with her main man Edward. They’re looking very cozy around each other and undeniably getting sweeter the longer they stay in Edward’s hometown. ❤️ We’re only on the second day of 2018, and it’s no […]

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Maymay Entrata Releases Christmas Single

It’s the start of Christmas month, and we’re definitely feeling the holidays already. The decorations are up, and the Christmas songs are already on loop. It’s everyone’s favorite month and trending star Maymay Entrata gives her fans an early Chrsistmas treat as she releases a new single, Merry Ang Pasko. Related: Maymay Entrata Is a Certified RECORD […]

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Maymay Entrata is Laura Barber’s #1 Suporter

Laura Barber says that she wants to be known as an actress more than just a star. “I really wanna have a talent in acting and that’s what I wanna work on,” reveals Laura who was also interviewed for PBB but was deemed too old for the teen edition. Her staunch supporter in her acting […]

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Maymay Entrata Reaches 1M Instagram Followers

It’s a social media milestone for former PBB Housemate and La Luna Sangre star Maymay Entrata as she finally reaches 1M on Instagram. The young celebrity is garnering attention on social media as fast as she has risen to fame in the entertainment industry. Maymay celebrated the small achievement with an Instagram post for her […]

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Marco Gallo Treasures Friendship With Maymay and Edward

Despite the recent struggle he’s facing in his career, it’s a good thing that Marco Gallo has real friends he can always count to in the industry. After the sudden end of KissMarc, Marco is surprisingly doing good, having guestings here and there and also was just recently announced as one of the faces of […]


Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber: THEN and NOW

Let’s take a look back at some of the stunning photos of Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber produced by Inside Showbiz Weekly during their early days in the biz! Related: MayWard Fronts Inside Showbiz Weekly Kudos to the fans for making these photo viral! Taken by Jerick Sanchez Right after they left the Pinoy Big Brother house, we immediately invited […]


Maymay Entrata and Kisses Delavin’s Excusive IG-torial! Which one do you like better?

Who would’ve thought that these simple, charming girls Maymay Entrata and Kisses Delavin from Pinoy Big Brother will eventually blossom and transform into two of the industry’s fast-rising celebrities? From being Ms. Wacky Go Lucky of Cagayan de Oro and Miracle Child of Masbate, these women have proven their worth and have already made their mark in this industry only […]