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Young Heartthrobs Who Will Melt Hearts this 2018

We can’t deny the fact that there are countless of handsome talents in show business. Since we have multiple talent agencies in the country which never stop introducing new actors year after year, we can’t help but be always on the lookout for who’s going to be the next one to capture our hearts. Related: Dapper Heartthrobs at […]

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5 Heartthrobs in the Making: Who will make it big?

Perhaps, majority of you are already familiar with these charming faces. They are a few of the many neophytes in the limelight who are still in the phase of getting a solid spot in the biz, but we can’t deny that they’re noticeable charm makes them outstanding as early as now. Related: Dapper Heartthrobs at Star Magic […]


Who Among These Young Stars Should Be on the Cover of ISW?

Rising artists in the entertainment industry are doing their best to make new milestones in able to solidify their names and elevate themselves in the biz. They keep on challenging themselves by doing demanding projects that will hone their skills, broaden their horizons and push them to step out of their comfort zones—which will eventually […]


These New Pairs Nailed Their First Red Carpet Walk!

As one of the most-anticipated events in the entertainment world, Star Magic Ball is every celebrity’s runway. It’s the perfect time to show the public how classy, stylish, and glamorous you are. With everyone’s eyes glued to the event, it’s also the perfect time to bring an arm candy with you; whether it’s your on-screen […]