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Inigo Pascual Says He Found His Soulmate in Maris Racal

Fresh new love team of Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual has been garnering attention and is quickly rising as one of the hottest love teams of the industry. Because their love team is working so well, some are wondering if this is because they’re also together off-screen. With all their sweet photos online, adorable tweet exchange, […]

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Maris Racal Shares Her Dream To Publish a Book

Maris Racal has always been one of the most talked-about young celebrities on social media. With her captivating outfits and witty banters online, it’s hard not to take notice of this sweet and funny girl. Especially with her fast-rising love team with Inigo Pascual, Maris Racal have been under the radar of everyone as she […]

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Did Maris Racal Call Inigo Pascual Her “Bae”?

The tandem of Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual have been one of the fastest-rising ones in this industry. After performing together and accidentally capturing the hearts of people, MarNigo already has legions of fans that support them and cheer for them whenever they have projects together. Although Maris and Inigo’s tandem was unexpected, it seems […]

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Maris Racal’s Mom Calls Her out for Being Close to IñIgo Pascual?

Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual are two of the most popular young love teams of this generation. They’re both music lovers and very passionate in performing in front of their supporters. They love acting, hosting, and they both have remarkable sense of humor. Related: MarNigo Reveals Meaning Of Their Nickname For Each Other See you guys later!!! […]

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Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual Are Taking Things Slow

Nobody saw it coming but Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual really works great as a pair. Fans love them because of their undeniable chemistry and same kind of humor. After performing My Boo together, fans have started to ship their love team called MarNigo, and the rest is history. They have been paired in Maalaala Mo Kaya, and […]

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Maris Racal Steps Out of Comfort Zone With MMK Episode

A different Maris Racal will take the spotlight on Saturday’s episode of the longest drama anthology in Asia, Maalaala Mo Kaya. Far from her past cheerful and funny roles, Maris steps out of her comfort zone as she takes on a heavy drama role. Related: Maris Racal Hurt Over Viral Photo Maris plays the role of Hazel, a hopeful teenager who was […]

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Maris Racal’s Halloween Costume Is Too Cute!

It’s Halloween and everyone dressed up for the occasion, including actress and former PBB Housemate, Maris Racal. Albeit last minute, Maris still slayed Halloween with her Kim Possible costume sans the red orange hair. From the top to the shoes, everything is a perfect match and Maris is probably the closest thing we’d have to […]

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Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual Compose Songs For Each Other

As if MarNigo couldn’t be any sweeter and cuter, Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual set our hearts on fire when they composed and performed songs for each other. In an episode of ASAP Chillout, MarNigo sang the personal songs again which they composed first for their guesting in Gandang Gabi Vice.  Related: MarNigo Reveals Meaning Of Their […]

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Maris Racal Receives Surprise Birthday Party From Fans

Singer and actress Maris Racal turned 20 in the best way possible: with a surprise birthday party courtesy of her ever-loving and loyal fans. Maris wasn’t expecting nor asking anything for her birthday this year, but it turned out to be one of her best ones yet. Related: Maris Racal’s 20 Birthday Wishes For Inigo A post […]

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LOOK: Maris Racal’s 20 Birthday Wishes For Inigo

Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual are two of the hottest young stars today. Both talented and charming, the tandem of Maris and Inigo really look like a match made in heaven which is why it’s understandable that a lot of people have been wishing for them to become an official love team with their ship […]