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Did LoiNie Admit Their Real-Score at Star Magic Ball 2017?

Everybody got surprised when Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte walked down the red carpet together at Star Magic Ball 2017. The appearance of the two young stars at the ball made the people speculate even more that they are, indeed, in a real-life romance. Inside Showbiz had a chance to ask the rumored couple if […]

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LOOK: LoiNie Spotted Together

Is LoiNie the real deal? We’ve been wondering for months now, but this recent spotting of them might give us a clear answer. Recently, Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte have been spotted in comfy clothes just strolling around a mall enjoying each other’s company. A post shared by Loi Nie Loveteam on Aug 23, 2017 […]

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LoiNie Shares A Hug In Star Magic Game

There have been rumors that Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte are in a relationship. There hasn’t been any confirmation but fans really think so, especially when they shared a sweet tight hug after the Star Magic Game on Sunday. A post shared by Alex D. (@alexdgreater) on Aug 13, 2017 at 7:34pm PDT Loisa was all […]

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Should LoiNie Be Concert Buddies At Justin Bieber Concert?

When the news broke that Justin Bieber is coming back to Manila this September, rumored couple Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte were the first ones to tweet their excitement. Actually, they tweeted only five minutes apart which made us think: Are the two together when they heard about it? May pa-dibdib si Arturo at pa-pusod […]


11 Love Teams Who Melt Our Hearts at ABS-CBN Christmas Special

Local showbiz is known for successfully establishing love teams and producing the most remarkable romantic movies of all time. There had been screen romances even during the first era of show business until today. Indeed, the industry never fails to inspire us with countless of heart fluttering stories portrayed by our favorite actors and actresses. Because […]


Which Young Love Team Will Spend the Holiday Together?

It’s that time of the year where people are excited to plan their holiday vacations. Even our favorite local celebrities have also started their countdown and started dreaming about taking a long break from their ridiculously hectic showbiz scheds. Some of them are planning to leave the country for some R&R, while are others prefer to just […]

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What Was Loisa Andalio’s Cryptic Tweet About?

Loisa Andalio may have one of the sweetest faces in the industry, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t fight back when the situation calls for it. After her Instagram was hacked weeks ago, and after the hacker posted malicious comments on fan accounts of JoshLia and SueNie, Loisa is going strong despite the attempts to […]

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Was Loisa Andalio’s Instagram Hacked?

Loisa Andalio is the subject of a new controversy when her official Instagram account was seen commenting on a photo of Ronnie Alonte and Sue Ramirez together. Aside from this, her account was also only seen following 6 people who are Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Sue Ramirez, Boyband PH Joao, SueNie and JoshLia fandoms. Related: Ronnie Alonte […]

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Ronnie Alonte Calls Loisa Andalio His Princess

It seems like Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio are getting more and more open with their relationship status. They used to deny it every time they get asked if there’s something going on between them, but now, it feels like we don’t need to ask them anymore. One look at their social media posts, and […]


These New Pairs Nailed Their First Red Carpet Walk!

As one of the most-anticipated events in the entertainment world, Star Magic Ball is every celebrity’s runway. It’s the perfect time to show the public how classy, stylish, and glamorous you are. With everyone’s eyes glued to the event, it’s also the perfect time to bring an arm candy with you; whether it’s your on-screen […]