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Kisses Delavin The Next Big OPM Artist?

Kisses Delavin is one of the newest showbiz sweethearts who knows exactly what she wants to achieve. The fact that she started working as a model at a tender age shows how eager she is to make it on top. At 18, Kisses’ unparalleled perseverance and all her hard work finally paid off and brought […]

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Take a Look at Kisses Delavin’s Gown Fitting!

Every after Star Magic Ball, there’s always a long debate among fans on who’s celebrity wore the most stunning dress. There are countless of credible local fashion websites that create different lists of best dressed stars, but the only official one is the list of Star Magic—the major organizer of the much talked-about ball. Related: LOOK: Star […]


Kisses Delavin’s ‘Di Ko Lang Masabi’ Lyric Video: Yay or Nay?

We first heard Kisses Delavin’s first single ‘Di Ko Lang Masabi on MOR 101.9 last Wednesday (October 04, 2017), and now that Star Music has finally released its lyric video, we can finally watch Kisses performing it! We can see in the video how Kisses passionately sings her first song. The 18-year-old rising star is […]

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Kisses Delavin Releases New Single ‘Di Ko Lang Masabi’

The time for Kisses Delavin to finally start her musical career as she releases her first ever single, Di Ko Lang Masabi. Kisses has always dreamed of being a recording artist and releasing an album, and now it’s finally coming true. Related: Kisses Delavin Reveals New Details About Upcoming Album Listeners of My Only Radio 101.9 were the first ones […]

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Kisses Delavin Reveals New Details About Upcoming Album

After her first movie with her fellow Pinoy Big Brother housemates, Kisses Delavin is set to venture on to another path which is her musical career. We all know that Kisses is a talented, young gal. She sings and plays guitar, and has great passion for music which is why it didn’t come as a surprise for anyone […]

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Kisses Delavin Pranks Maymay Entrata

In last night’s episode of Gandang Gabi Vice, Kisses Delavin was tasked to pull a prank on her bestfriend Maymay Entrata. The prank was done hours before their GGV guesting. Kisses pretended she was having an asthma attack while alone in a dressing room with Maymay. Kisses continuously screamed “Hindi ako makahinga!” all through out the prank, setting her friend […]

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Kisses Delavin Describes Her Ideal Guy

At the blog conference of Loving in Tandem on September 08, 2017, Kisses Delavin was all-out in describing what her ideal guy is. At the age of 18, Kisses divulged that she’s already allowed to decide for herself, which includes entertaining guys. But she noted that she doesn’t want to jump into dating yet and wants […]

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Kisses Delavin Refuses To Reveal Feelings for Marco

Kisses Delavin is mum about her feelings for on-screen partner Marco Gallo despite the press asking her about it many times. But it seems that the former PBB housemate is stopping her tears from falling whenever the topic of her and Marco’s conflict back in PBB house was brought up. A post shared by Kisses […]

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Kisses Delavin Gives Updates On Her Album

It seems like Kisses Delavin has something big in store for her fans. The rising star has been dropping hints on her latest album and fans can’t wait to finally hear what she’s been working hard for recently. After exiting the PBB House, Kisses has been busy with different guestings, photo shoots, and more. Currently, […]

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Kisses Delavin Teases About Her New Music

It seems like Kisses Delavin has something big in store for her fans. The former PBB housemate recently teased us with something that we can’t wait to hear: her music. A post shared by K I S S E S (@kissesdelavin) on Aug 28, 2017 at 4:59pm PDT Kisses recently posted a photo of her […]