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Tony Labrusca on Being Paired With Kisses: “Why does it have to be official?”

Even before he was launched as one of the freshest faces of the newest Star Magic Circle, Tony Labrusca has been capturing everyone’s attention with his good looks, acting chops, and surprisingly great singing voice. Ever since he first appeared as a regular cast in the hit teleserye, La Luna Sangre, Tony has been gaining popularity more […]

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Donny Pangilinan Speaks Up About Love Team Triangle With Kisses and Tony

Donny Pangilinan has been rising to fame quickly than anyone expected. With his large fan base, talents, and undeniable good looks, he has now released a very impressive first single titled Different Kind of Love. Aside from this, he is currently working on Jose Javier Reyes film, Walwal, with Jerome Ponce, Elmo Magalona, Kiko Estrada, and his rumored love […]

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Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo Look Breathtaking In Their Making MEGA Covers

Although their team up has ended in a sour note, there’s no use in denying that Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo really look good together. One look at their Making MEGA in Czech Republic and Italy covers, and we’re already stunned and impressed at how good they are in front of the camera. Related: Kisses Delavin […]

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Kisses Delavin Stuns In Making MEGA IGtorial

Three months ago, Kisses Delavin flew out of the country for a once-in-a-lifetime shoot with MEGA Magazine. Set in the timeless city of Prague, the classic beauty of Kisses fits perfectly with her large wavy locks and pink-tinted lips. As one of the fastest-rising women in the entertainment industry, Kisses gets by without a love […]

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Donny Pangilinan Confirms Kisses Delavin is His Love Interest in “Walwal” Movie!

#DonKiss fans, have you finally recovered from the kilig moments of the two during the #ConfidentlyKisses concert? Here’s something more for you–Donny Pangilinan has confirmed in an interview that Kisses Delavin is indeed his love interest in the film, Walwal, which he will be shooting under Regal Films! Related: Eight Things We Loved About Kisses’ First Solo Concert […]

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Seven Things We Loved About Kisses’ First Solo Concert

Last night was all kinds of feisty and romantic, as Pinoy Big Brother graduate and Kapamilya teen princess, Kisses Delavin, finally had her own solo concert! Titled #ConfidentlyKisses, the show consisted of hot dance performances, sentimental ballads, an all-star guest list, and romantic performances with one of Kisses’ leading men. Read on for why it was a night to […]

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Marco and Kisses support Maymay’s concert!

No matter what friends go through, if their friendship is real, it will survive the storm. This seems to hold true for Pinoy Big Brother trio, Maymay Entrata, Kisses Delavin, and Marco Gallo! The latter two were all out in their support for their fellow PBB housemate and friend, Maymay, when Maymay had her solo concert last night, […]

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Kisses Delavin and Maymay Entrata Reveal That They Have Misunderstanding

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemates Kisses Delavin and Maymay Entrata have always been close with each other. Despite the fandom wars after they stepped out of the phenomenal yellow house, both actresses are unaffected and still remain as very good friends. But just like every other friendship, Kisses and Maymay have misunderstandings as well. In their episode of Gandang […]

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Kisses Delavin Says No To Working With Marco Gallo In The Future

After the controversial separation of the KissMarc love team, people have been wondering about the fate of these two young actors individually. Young actress Kisses Delavin claims she’s been doing better more than ever despite the split. Related: Kisses Delavin Pens Emotional Letter For KissMarc Fans Although she’s very happy right now as a solo artist, […]

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Kisses Delavin Chooses Her Friends Wisely

One of today’s most popular young celebrities, Kisses Delavin, is known for her friendly personality. She’s very accommodating and people easily get along well with her. But her warm personality towards others doesn’t mean that she’s friends with everyone. Kisses is very careful when it comes to letting her guards down to people. She chooses […]