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Markus Paterson Asks Heaven Peralejo to Star Magic Ball

Another love team has been added to the long list of pairs that will attend the Star Magic Ball. Markus Paterson recently surprised his rumored girl friend Heaven Peralejo with a panda stuffed toy and a bouquet and asked her if he would be his date at the most awaited Star Magic Ball. Related: Are Heaven […]

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Heaven Peralejo Signs MEGA Magazine Copies For Fans

One of MEGA Magazine’s Women To Watch, Heaven Peralejo took her time and signed a bunch of MEGA Magazine copies for her fans. A post shared by Heaven Lyan Salvador Peralejo (@heavenperalejo) on Aug 17, 2017 at 4:58am PDT Heaven Peralejo, according to MEGA Magazine, is one of today’s rising stars that everyone need to […]

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Are Heaven Peralejo and Markus Paterson An Item?

People have been wondering what’s going on between Heaven Peralejo and Markus Paterson. With all the cute photos of them on Instagram and their sweet interactions on Twitter, we want to know what’s the real score! They seem really close friends and all, but they haven’t confirmed nor deny if their relationship is more than […]


Rica Peralejo suffers miscarriage 4 days after announcing her pregnancy

“One of my biggest fears has been realized…I lost the baby in my womb.” said Rica Peralejo in a heartbreaking blog post (http://www.ricaperalejo.ph/2016/pain-and-peace/) just four days after posting on Instagram about her simultaneous pregnancy with sister Paula Peralejo-Fernandez. On February 28, Rica expressed her happiness on Instagram, saying she and her sisters are both expecting […]

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Kisses Delavin The Next Big OPM Artist?

Kisses Delavin is one of the newest showbiz sweethearts who knows exactly what she wants to achieve. The fact that she started working as a model at a tender age shows how eager she is to make it on top. At 18, Kisses’ unparalleled perseverance and all her hard work finally paid off and brought […]

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WATCH: Maymay Entrata Effortlesly Hits Adele’s High Notes

She’s not just a model material, a natural comedienne, and a talented actress, but Maymay Entrata is also one of those versatile rising stars who can capture many hearts with her singing voice. As a neophyte in showbiz, she definitely knows how to work her way up; she tirelessly hone her skills and maximizes her talent […]


Who Among These Young Stars Should Be on the Cover of ISW?

Rising artists in the entertainment industry are doing their best to make new milestones in able to solidify their names and elevate themselves in the biz. They keep on challenging themselves by doing demanding projects that will hone their skills, broaden their horizons and push them to step out of their comfort zones—which will eventually […]


These New Pairs Nailed Their First Red Carpet Walk!

As one of the most-anticipated events in the entertainment world, Star Magic Ball is every celebrity’s runway. It’s the perfect time to show the public how classy, stylish, and glamorous you are. With everyone’s eyes glued to the event, it’s also the perfect time to bring an arm candy with you; whether it’s your on-screen […]

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Star Magic Ball 2017 Live Updates

The day of the most-anticipated Star Magic Ball 2017 has finally come, and everyone can’t calm down. With everyone watching out who’s going with who and who’s wearing who, it may be hard to keep up with all the happenings tonight. Related: New Pairs You’ll See at Star Magic Ball 2017 Here at Inside Showbiz, we’ve rounded up […]


5 Sweetest Star Magic Ball Proposals

Star Magic Ball season is here, and of course, it’s not Star Magic Ball without the sweet proposals! As the most-awaited day come sooner, we’re treated to witness sweet proposals almost everyday. From new pairs to the old ones, almost every male celebrity out there is doing their best to get that sweet ‘yes’ from […]