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EXCLUSIVE: Elisse Joson Reacts to McCoy de Leon’s Romantic Proposal

It wasn’t just a night of dreams coming true for Elisse Joson at the grand premiere of Making MEGA in Turkey with McLisse, but it was also an event filled with kilig and romance when her love team partner McCoy de Leon ‘proposed’ to her. “Sa totoo lang, hindi ko na alam kung ano pa ang mararamdaman ko. I […]


Mccoy De Leon, Elisse Joson for Inside Showbiz Weekly

MAKING MAGIC Love is in the air, and McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson infuse some youthful whimsy and romance into the moment for MEGA magazine’s highly-anticipated September fashion issue, Making MEGA in Turkey Under the warm Mediterranean sun, the colors of the crisp blue sky and dunes of gold into a mesmerizing landscape. And […]

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What Did Elisse Joson Bring To Turkey?

In her Making MEGA journey, TV actress and former PBB housemate Elisse Joson made sure to capture all the memories and take photos of the breathtaking scenery of Turkey. Perfect places require perfect-looking photographs, which is why Elisse brought her new favorite phone to the trip: Torque’s EGO Zoom Lite. What a beauty—and we are not just […]

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Elisse Joson Set To Put Up Her Own Business

There’s really no stopping Elisse Joson. Less than a year after she exited the PBB house, she has landed as one of MEGA Magazine’s Women To Watch, and just got back from Turkey for Making MEGA. On top of all that, she’s now on her way to becoming an entrepreneur. A post shared by Elisse […]


McCoy de Leon Is Elisse Joson’s ‘Superman’

McLisse has always been one of those people who don’t give any attention to detractors and bashers. But when a netizen crossed the line, and attacked Elisse Joson, her love team partner McCoy de Leon just couldn’t let it pass. A post shared by Elisse Joson (@elissejosonn) on Jul 9, 2017 at 11:26pm PDT Elisse […]

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McCoy de Leon Defends Elisse Joson from Bashers

Talk about sweet! When a Twitter user tweeted a couple of distasteful words to Elisse Joson, McCoy de Leon did not let the incident slip without a word of defense from him. Hay naku @ElisseJoson kaya ka sguro nagkakaganyan kse lumaki kang walang ama nuh . kaya sabik ka sa lalaki 😂😂😂 — Jessica (@JessicaRacal) […]

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Elisse Joson Sheds Tears at The McLisse Royal Gathering

The Royal Gathering was organized by McLisse Worldwide to commemorate one year of McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson‘s love team. The pair exchanged sweet words of gratitude and appreciation at the event. Elisse highlighted her happiness for all they’ve been through in their journey together. You. A post shared by Elisse Joson (@elissejosonn) on […]


McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson to Star in a New Movie?

Fans have been tweeting #McLisseForAngSikretoNgPiso in support of the movie’s director, Perry Escaño to get Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon to be part of their cast members. A look at the press release of #AngKwentoNgPiso. Who wants to see #McLisse on the big screen this #MMFF2017 @hashtag_mccoydl @ElisseJoson pic.twitter.com/Olp4yc4dIs — Pelikula-Hype Mania (@pelikulamania) June 27, […]


LOOK: Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon’s Adorable Video at Mega Millennial Ball

MEGAStyle.ph Now this is how GLAMOUR is done! Shot by #SilverBelen (@silverbelen), here’s a recap of what went down inside the studios at the #MegaMillennialBall ✨We love how it captured all the fashion we’ve witnessed throughout the night! Want to see more? Watch the full video on megastyle.ph. Link in bio 👆🏻 #MegaMillennialBall#MegaMillennials #CelebrateMega25#MegastyleXMillennialBall
#TimeToEmbraceChange Now this is how GLAMOUR is done! […]


Elisse Joson Made It to Mega Magazine’s Best Dressed List

Mega Magazine:  Elisse Joson (@elissejoson) steps into the limelight as MEGA’s eleventh best dressed in a sinuously draped chartreuse creation by Martin Bautista (@martinbautista9) that is appropriate but hugs in just the right places. The best accessory? Arm candy in a color that complements the subtle whimsy of her dress. Elisse Joson (@elissejoson) steps into […]