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Jerome Ponce Confirms He Doesn’t Talk With Elisse Joson

Working with an ex is surely a nightmare for everyone. But for celebrities, it’s normal and something you can’t avoid. In a small and crazy world such as the entertainment biz, it’s likely to cross paths with a fellow celebrity ex and as a professional, you just have to act cool and do your work. […]

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There’s No Stopping Elisse Joson’s Skyrocketing Career

There’s no denying that Elisse Joson has come a long way after her Pinoy Big Brother stint, and it’s pretty safe to say that she has one of the most thriving and active showbiz careers among her peers. With her gorgeous face, multiple talents, and charming demeanor, it’s hard not to love the 21-year-old actress, which is […]

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Did Elisse Joson Just Admit In GGV That McCoy Is Her Boyfriend?

In last night’s episode of Gandang Gabi Vice, it seems like Elisse Joson accidentally spilled the real score between her and on-screen partner McCoy de Leon. It’s evident that these two share a really deep and a different kind of friendship, and ever since we witnessed their Making MEGA in Turkey documentary, we’ve been convinced […]


EXCLUSIVE: Ylona Garcia and Elisse Joson’s Own Fashion Show!

After all the lights, confetti, and after all the models have walked the runway, it’s time for Ylona Garcia and Elisse Joson to have fun. These celebrity muses of Rajo Laurel at the MEGA Fashion Week let out their crazy and danced the night away after the fashion show. With silly grins on their faces, […]


Mega Fashion Films of Maja Salvador & Elisse Joson: Which one do you like better?

MEGA Fashion Films of Kapamilya stars Maja Salvador and Elisse Joson have been finally released! Wearing Rajo Laurel‘s exquisite couture pieces, Maja and Elisse star in MEGA‘s first series of fashion films portraying feelings of rage and reminisce, respectively. @elissejosonn in @rajolaurel ’s creation for her MEGA Fashion Film with @hashtag_mccoydl and @ekomsi . Watch the full […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Elisse Joson Reacts to McCoy de Leon’s Romantic Proposal

It wasn’t just a night of dreams coming true for Elisse Joson at the grand premiere of Making MEGA in Turkey with McLisse, but it was also an event filled with kilig and romance when her love team partner McCoy de Leon ‘proposed’ to her. “Sa totoo lang, hindi ko na alam kung ano pa ang mararamdaman ko. I […]


Mccoy De Leon, Elisse Joson for Inside Showbiz Weekly

MAKING MAGIC Love is in the air, and McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson infuse some youthful whimsy and romance into the moment for MEGA magazine’s highly-anticipated September fashion issue, Making MEGA in Turkey Under the warm Mediterranean sun, the colors of the crisp blue sky and dunes of gold into a mesmerizing landscape. And […]

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What Did Elisse Joson Bring To Turkey?

In her Making MEGA journey, TV actress and former PBB housemate Elisse Joson made sure to capture all the memories and take photos of the breathtaking scenery of Turkey. Perfect places require perfect-looking photographs, which is why Elisse brought her new favorite phone to the trip: Torque’s EGO Zoom Lite. What a beauty—and we are not just […]

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Elisse Joson Set To Put Up Her Own Business

There’s really no stopping Elisse Joson. Less than a year after she exited the PBB house, she has landed as one of MEGA Magazine’s Women To Watch, and just got back from Turkey for Making MEGA. On top of all that, she’s now on her way to becoming an entrepreneur. A post shared by Elisse […]


McCoy de Leon Is Elisse Joson’s ‘Superman’

McLisse has always been one of those people who don’t give any attention to detractors and bashers. But when a netizen crossed the line, and attacked Elisse Joson, her love team partner McCoy de Leon just couldn’t let it pass. A post shared by Elisse Joson (@elissejosonn) on Jul 9, 2017 at 11:26pm PDT Elisse […]