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Edward Barber’s Dad Sheds Tears at LIT Special Screening

Edward Barber‘s father, Kevin Barber, shed tears at the special screening of Loving in Tandem in Dolphy Theater on Wednesday, September 13. Despite his very hectic schedule, Tito Kevin flew all the to Manila from Germany to witness his son’s biggest showbiz milestone. He revealed to Inside Showbiz team that it feels surreal for their whole family to witness Edward officially […]

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Edward Barber Asks Maymay Entrata To Star Magic Ball

Edward Barber sealed the deal, and finally asked his leading lady Maymay Entrata to be his date to their first ever Star Magic Ball— and take note, he did it in live television, and with a gift for Maymay! During the ‘Bawal Kiligin’ challenge on the morning show Magandang Buhay, Edward knelt in front of Maymay and asked […]

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Edward Barber on Relationships: “You don’t need to rush it”

Edward Barber‘s first big screen project with Maymay Entrata, Loving in Tandem, will definitely offer an exciting love story. Since the movie plot is about two young people falling in love, the press asked Edward if he’s thinking of getting into a real life romance like his character Luke. Edward answered, “I realized in my […]

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Edward Barber Calls Maymay ‘Jowa Material’

It seems like the relationship between on-screen partners Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata is getting deeper. The MayWard tandem recently admitted that they see each other as jowa material. ⭐⭐MayWard⭐⭐ ——————————— @edward_barber @captainluz @starmagic_peachy @ton_lao @styledbypatrickhenry @maloudiamat @maymay_entrata0506 @rainierdagala @jernihagapito @emandeleonmakeup @jaymarlahaylahay ———————————- 🔜 #wmlstylestudio #mayward A post shared by Ryan Viloria (@ryanveloria25) on Sep […]

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Edward Barber Defends Maymay From Bashers

Edward Barber was quick to defend on-screen partner Maymay Entrata from accusations that she’s already arrogant ever since she launched into fame. It’s been less than a year since the two exited the PBB house and turned to full-blown stars, and now that they are the lead roles of the upcoming feature film, Loving In Tandem, bashers […]

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Edward Barber Almost Kissed Maymay on the Lips!

MayWard (Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber) never fails to make the fans kilig every time they go out on TV or in live shows. But things were a little different in their recent mall tour where they both showcased an unusual level of sweetness. READ: 5 Reasons Why MayWard Love Team Will Last We know that Maymay and […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Maymay Entrata Explains Chemistry with Edward Barber

There’s no questions about the admirable chemistry of today’s trending stars Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, or popularly known as MayWard. Their genuine and unparalleled friendship in real-life translates to their on-cam stints, and the fans obviously can’t get enough of it! READ: 5 Reasons Why MayWard Love Team Will Last In an exclusive interview of […]


Maymay Entrata’s Touching Message to Edward Barber’s Family

Maymay Entrata has always been a reliable friend and colleague to her onscreen sweetheart, Edward Barber. She cares not just for the young actor, but also for his family. Nakakataba sa puso ang suporta nyo saamin. Maraming salamat po Tarlac City sa hindi malilimutang mall show. Sa mga nabasa ng ulan at nag tyagang maghintay.. nakakaproud […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Edward Barber Opens Up About Bashers

Dealing with bashers is a part of the life of every celebrity. Every rising star has people who will try to dull their shine. While some prime stars already have grown unaffected and bullet proof with harsh words, showbiz newbies such as Edward Barber have a hard time scrolling through their notifications because of these bashers. […]

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Edward Barber Explains Maymay Entrata’s Role in His Life

Let’s admit it, the fans are obsessed with MayWard because of the extraordinary kilig they give every time they’re in front of the cameras. Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber‘s chemistry and solid friendship made them an effective love team and brought them where they are today. They’re not just colleagues or workmates who fake their friendship […]