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Nadine Lustre Surprises Fans With New Music Video

Nadine Lustre really has a knack of surprising her fans. After dropping her most-awaited single St4y Up unannounced a few weeks ago with nothing but an Instagram story with the words “Just so you know…” in a screenshot of her single already up on Spotify, Nadine once again pulled a Beyonce (aka releasing materials with no […]


Nadine Lustre Releases New Track “St4y Up”

During their last press con for their upcoming concert, REVOLution, real-life power couple and love team JaDine were asked when Nadine Lustre’s album would be released after the success of James’ latest album Palm Dreams. To this, James simply said that they were still working on Nadine’s album. Their unreleased song together was also brought […]

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Discover How James Reid Writes His Songs

With a tinge of R&B, EDM and a little bit of hip-hop, James Reid has been making headlines with his latest album Palm Dreams, which he produced under his own label, Careless Music Manila. His aesthetic trippy music videos just make people more interested and intrigued with his music as they provide visuals to his […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Lustre Shares Directing Plans

James Reid and Nadine Lustre are officially back in the scene. After keeping it low key the past year, only appearing in select shows and taking a pause from teleserye and movies, 2018 will be one of their busiest years to date. With a concert coming, a teleserye and a movie on the works, the […]

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What Song Would James Reid Perform Internationally?

After winning Pinoy Big Brother (and a lot more awards after), who could’ve predicted that James Reid would be winning an MTV EMA award next? The owner of the fourth spot on 2017’s Most Handsome Faces list, truly is more than just a handsome face. Proving it further with his latest album Palm Dreams, which […]

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Bret Jackson’s Island City Poems Already a Chart-Topper in Its Day of Release!

After much anticipation, Bret Jackson aka KingwAw has finally released his album Island City Poems. Featuring his friends and fellow musicians James Reid, Sam Concepcion, Kiana Valenciano, and Nadine Lustre, Bret Jackson’s 10-track album immediately topped the charts, placing number 1 on iTunes Philippines album chart. The track Nowhere I Wouldn’t Go featuring Nadine Lustre is also currently on […]

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Nadine Lustre Teases Fans On Her New Single ‘St4y Up’

After the massive success of James Reid‘s Palm Dreams, it’s Nadine Lustre‘s time to shine. The 23-year-old actress posted delighted her fans when she posted a little teaser for an upcoming new single. After her hit solo album in 2014, Nadine seems to be ready to conquer the music ground once again with a new song called ‘St4y […]

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Why James Reid’s Palm Dreams Is A Game Changer

It’s not every day that you see one of today’s hottest celebrities who’s at the peak of his career try something totally new. It takes bravery and a different kind of passion to make that risk; to tell your management that you’d like to release an album with self-composed and self-produced songs, and make music that’s […]

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Outfits Nadine Lustre Rocked at Revolution: The JaDine Concert

On Friday, February 09, James Reid and Nadine Lustre fired up the stage of the Big Dome during their much-anticipated concert titled Revolution: The JaDine Concert. The couple showcased their astounding talents in singing and dancing. Among the other singers who joined them were Sarah Geronimo, Sam Concepcion, Kiana Valenciano and Bret Jackson.  Related: Six Things We’re […]

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JaDine Wows Crowd in Revolution Concert

James Reid and Nadine Lustre just solidified their image once again as two of the most talented young stars of the industry as they wowed the sold-out crowd of Smart Araneta Coliseum in their Revolution concert. A day before their second anniversary as a couple, JaDine brought the house down by singing their own chart […]