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Did Arci Munoz Say Goodbye To Her Long Hair Because Of A Breakup?

Arci Munoz has always been known as someone fearless when it comes to changing up her looks. We always see her in different colors of hair. She already tried pink, gray, violet and more. She also likes being experimental when it comes to her makeup looks. Related: Arci Muñoz Shuts Down Talks About Latest Plastic Surgery But for […]

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Arci Muñoz Shuts Down Talks About Latest Plastic Surgery

Arci Muñoz‘s first television appearance after her alleged second plastic surgery was a trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday, September 27. Netizens have noticed some changes in Arci’s face compared to her looks four months ago when she was promoting her movie, Can We Still Be Friends, with Gerald Anderson. The first appearance of Arci’s […]

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Arci Munoz Makes Public Appearance After Surgery Rumors

Arci Munoz has been the talk of the town lately because of plastic surgery rumors. When photos of her guesting in an event circulated last week, many took notice of the changes in her face. But it seems like Arci Muñoz isn’t fazed by her critics and detractors as she confidently graced an event in […]

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Arci Muñoz Dating Erich Gonzales’ Ex-Boyfriend Anthony Ng?

Previously on a talk show, Arci Muñoz mentioned that she was seeing someone who wasn’t from showbiz. Has she finally revealed who he might be? Recently, Arci has been posting Instagram stories of her with a man whom fans have speculated might be Anthony Ng. The two had dinner together and Arci said “I love […]

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Arci Munoz and Daniel Matsunaga Together In Italy

Rumored couple Daniel Matsunaga and Arci Munoz, who are now being paired up and called DaRci were spotted enjoying the streets of Italy together. In an interview, Arci Munoz shut down the rumors of them being together and revealed that she’s dating a non-showbiz friend and that she and Daniel are just good friends. A post shared […]

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Daniel Matsunaga Says He’s Only Friends with Arci Munoz

After break up with long time girlfriend, Erich Gonzalez, Daniel Matsunaga’s name has been linked to a new girl: Arci Munoz. In an exclusive interview, Daniel Matsunaga said that they’re just friends, as of now. DarCi at @asapofficial #DanielMatsunaga #TeamDaniel #TeamMatsunaga #SolidDaniel #Since2012 A post shared by Team Matsunaga (@dmatsunagafans) on May 24, 2017 at […]


IS Weekly June 2016 Week 1 – Arci Munoz

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Kathryn Bernardo’s New Hairstyle: Yay or Nay?

Short hair has been every celebrity’s favorite right now. Everybody’s been ditching their long, luscious, locks for a new, short look such as Arci Munoz, Erich Gonzales, Bea Alonzo, and more. Recently, the latest one to jump on the short hair bandwagon is Teen Queen and La Luna Sangre star Kathryn Bernardo. Her new hair style got the […]

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POLL: Top 10 Star Magic Ball Video Clips We Love

Aside from the country’s brightest stars, glam team members also prepared and gave their best at this year’s Star Magic Ball. We all know that outfits are the main attraction on the red carpet, that’s why celebrities give their 100% trust to their designers and stylists. Related: 10 Stunning Love Teams That Caught Our Attention […]

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Xander Ford Shocks People With Transformation

Xander Ford, formerly known as social media star Marlou Arizala, broke the internet on the night he revealed his transformation in the show Rated K with Korina Sanchez. Related: Arci Muñoz Shuts Down Talks About Latest Plastic Surgery The Star Image artist underwent a couple of enhancement and plastic surgeries to be able to achieve his new look. […]