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Hashtag McCoy de Leon Joins Traslacion

Hashtag member McCoy de Leon took a break from his hectic schedule and made time for his faith as he joined this year’s Traslacion of the Black Nazarene on Tuesday, January 9. The procession is a 221 year old tradition of the country wherein the Black Nazarene is transferred from Intramuros to Quiapo Church. This year, […]


McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson for Inside Showbiz Weekly

Reaching New Heights Together As their love team continues to soar with non-stop projects, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson share that their partnership has progressed into a deeper one   It’s the final stretch of 2017, yet McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson are not slowing down anytime soon. In this year alone, the McLisse tandem […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Elisse Joson Reacts to McCoy de Leon’s Romantic Proposal

It wasn’t just a night of dreams coming true for Elisse Joson at the grand premiere of Making MEGA in Turkey with McLisse, but it was also an event filled with kilig and romance when her love team partner McCoy de Leon ‘proposed’ to her. “Sa totoo lang, hindi ko na alam kung ano pa ang mararamdaman ko. I […]

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EXCLUSIVE: McCoy De Leon Reveals How He Planned His Proposal

We still can’t get over with what happened at the grand premiere of Making MEGA in Turkey with McLisse on Tuesday, September 27, at the Mega Fashion Hall. We’re still on a kilig high after witnessing one of the sweetest Star Magic Ball proposals organized by young actor and MEGA Man magazine cover star, McCoy de Leon! […]

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Joshua Garcia Pranks McCoy de Leon

When one agrees with a Gandang Gabi Vice guesting, one should know that you should be up for any question that the comedian host will throw at you. However, McCoy de Leon didn’t expect that a prank would be a part of their guesting for the late night show. Related: McCoy De Leon for Inside Showbiz Weekly #TheGoodSon Ngayon September […]


McCoy De Leon for Inside Showbiz Weekly

McCoy De Leon is ready for the spotlight Despite the need to stand out in showbiz, McCoy de Leon intends to keep his unassuming ways as he continues to make a name for himself. Having a magazine shoot in a beautiful country like Turkey is definitely one of McCoy’s dreams! If you’re like him who also loves to […]


Mccoy De Leon, Elisse Joson for Inside Showbiz Weekly

MAKING MAGIC Love is in the air, and McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson infuse some youthful whimsy and romance into the moment for MEGA magazine’s highly-anticipated September fashion issue, Making MEGA in Turkey Under the warm Mediterranean sun, the colors of the crisp blue sky and dunes of gold into a mesmerizing landscape. And […]


McCoy de Leon Is Elisse Joson’s ‘Superman’

McLisse has always been one of those people who don’t give any attention to detractors and bashers. But when a netizen crossed the line, and attacked Elisse Joson, her love team partner McCoy de Leon just couldn’t let it pass. A post shared by Elisse Joson (@elissejosonn) on Jul 9, 2017 at 11:26pm PDT Elisse […]

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McCoy de Leon Defends Elisse Joson from Bashers

Talk about sweet! When a Twitter user tweeted a couple of distasteful words to Elisse Joson, McCoy de Leon did not let the incident slip without a word of defense from him. Hay naku @ElisseJoson kaya ka sguro nagkakaganyan kse lumaki kang walang ama nuh . kaya sabik ka sa lalaki 😂😂😂 — Jessica (@JessicaRacal) […]

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What to Expect In McCoy de Leon’s First Indie Film

It’s a week away from the nationwide showing of indie sci-fi film, Instalado and we can’t wait! McCoy de Leon plays the character of a provincial boy named Victor. The movie’s plot takes place in the future, where corporations are offering to install years of education into one’s brain overnight. Though science fiction prevails as […]