5 Reasons Why We’re Excited for Palm Dreams

  • July 7, 2017

James Reid‘s first self-produced album Palm Dreams is set for release tomorrow, and we can’t calm down. After a year of writing his own songs, producing, and finalizing everything, we can’t wait to hear the tracks that James obviously poured his heart out for and worked so hard on.

He has always been an excellent performer and singer and we surely love James’ previous tracks and albums, but here are 5 reasons why we think Palm Dreams is going to be his best one yet:

It’s different.

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James has given up his pop style for the upcoming album. His music’s now moving closer to tropical house and hip-hop. It may be quite a jump from there, but he believes in the change that the industry needs.

It’s his first self-produced album.

He worked on majority of the songs on an old beaten-up laptop with the help of a colleague. Albeit the budget, the songs were in no way near of being short on quality— and we can thank Paulo Tiongson for that, especially for the brilliantly produced #1 single, Cool Down.

Check out its music video below:

It’s genuine.

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James poured out his whole heart into making the album; thoroughly planning it out and giving it his best efforts. The music stays true to his style this time, more raw-sounding and less manufacturing.

He has a vision to redefine OPM.

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He and Paulo have talked about how Filipinos listen to music from artists like The Weeknd and Drake. Though some may say that the local audience will find it unappealing for OPM to go down that route, they chose to challenge the negative implication.

It’s inclusive.

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He produced the songs with the intentions of appealing to not only Filipinos, but also people from around the globe. Danyl Geneciran feels that the new sound that James has adopted will be able to help him become more of an internationally-acclaimed artist; along the likes of K-pop artist, G-Dragon.

We’ll be looking forward to its release, James!

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