5 Heartthrobs in the Making: Who will make it big?

  • October 20, 2017

Perhaps, majority of you are already familiar with these charming faces. They are a few of the many neophytes in the limelight who are still in the phase of getting a solid spot in the biz, but we can’t deny that they’re noticeable charm makes them outstanding as early as now.

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Many fans are already captivated by the irresistible looks, talents, and charisma of these fresh darlings, and it will be no surprise if they make it big someday and be called as the country’s hottest heartthrobs!

Edward Barber

Soon😎 – – – 📸 – @ryanveloria25 Edited by @reginealdaba

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Marco Gallo

Start where you are, focus on what you have, do what you can…then si Lord na bahala sayo 💪🏻❤️

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Jameson Blake

Look at the bright side

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Markus Patterson

promise, last na toh. Miss ko lang talaga New York!

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Jon Lucas

Life is tough, my dariling. but so are you. 😘

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Who among Edward Barber, Marco Gallo, Jameson Blake, Jon Lucas, and Markus Patterson is your fave? Take the poll and tell us your thoughts on the comments below!

5 Heartthrobs in the Making: Who will make it big?