4 Amazing Makeup Artists of Your Fave Stars

  • July 27, 2016

Behind every major moment of your favorite celebrity on the spotlight, there’s a talented makeup artist who work hard in making them look their best!

Denise Ochoa, Jelly Eugenio, Juan Sarte, and Mickey See are among the hard-working makeup artists in the industry of showbiz who make their babies look glamorous 24/7! Who among them is your dream makeup artist?

denise INSIDE ARTICLE ART-Recovered
Denise Ochoa – Kathryn Bernardo’s official makeup artist.
jelai INSIDE ARTICLE ART-Recovered
Jelly Eugenio – Nadine Lustre’s official makeup artist.
mickey see INSIDE ARTICLE ART-Recovered
Mickey See – Liza Soberano’s official makeup artist.
juan sarte INSIDE ARTICLE ART-Recovered
Juan Sarte – Maine Mendoza’s official makeup artist.

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